Revealed: The Shocking Cost of Supporting Your Favorite Football Star!

Discover the eye-watering prices fans pay to own a piece of football history from their favorite players.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Diego Maradona tops the list with the most expensive football merchandise, averaging £3,556 per item.
  • Kylian Mbappé follows closely behind with an average price of £3,431 for his merch, despite his relatively short career.
  • Lionel Messi ranks third in terms of expensive merch, with an average price of £2,367 per item.

Unveiling Football’s Pricey Passion

Delving into the World of Football Merch

Football fandom knows no bounds, but for some supporters, the love for their favorite players extends beyond watching matches. In a bid to quantify the cost of passion, Ticketgum embarked on a mission to uncover the footballers with the most expensive merchandise. The results were nothing short of astonishing, shedding light on the hefty price tags associated with supporting football icons.

The Priciest Players in Football

Diego Maradona: A Priceless Legacy

Topping the charts is the legendary Diego Maradona, whose untimely departure hasn’t diminished the value of his legacy. With an average price of £3,556 per item, Maradona’s merchandise commands a premium fit for a football deity. From signed shirts to iconic memorabilia, fans spare no expense to commemorate the golden boy of Argentine football.

In the words of Ticketgum, “The late Argentine’s legacy has cemented his position at the top of the list – with an average price of £3,556 per item – as he is regularly referred to as one of the greatest players of all time.”

Kylian Mbappé: The Rising Star

Following closely behind is the prodigious talent of Kylian Mbappé, whose meteoric rise has captivated football enthusiasts worldwide. Despite his relatively short career span, Mbappé’s merchandise boasts an impressive average price of £3,431 per item. With accolades and achievements beyond his years, the French sensation’s merch reflects his status as a modern football icon.

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Ticketgum highlights, “In second place is Kylian Mbappé, whose merch has an average price of £3,431. In contrast to Maradona’s decades-long career, Mbappé is just 25-years-old and his senior club career began only nine years ago.”

Lionel Messi: The Maestro’s Merch

Surprisingly, Lionel Messi secures the third spot on the list of football’s most expensive merch. With an average price of £2,367 per item, Messi’s merchandise remains a coveted choice among fans. Despite the rivalry with Maradona for Argentina’s football crown, Messi’s allure transcends borders, attracting fans from every corner of the globe.

As Ticketgum notes, “Shockingly, Lionel Messi only ranks third for the most expensive merch of any footballer, at an average price of £2,367.”

Peeling Back the Methodology

Behind the Numbers

Ticketgum’s analysis delved deep into the realm of football merchandise, scraping data from three leading sports memorabilia sellers. The meticulous process involved gathering information on player-specific items, including availability, product type, and, most importantly, pricing. Through rigorous data cleaning and analysis, Ticketgum unearthed insights into the cost of football fandom.

As outlined by Ticketgum, “The data was cleaned and merged. Mean, median, count and price for the most expensive product were calculated. Players had to have at least 10 products to be included.”


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