Revealed: The Best and Worst FTSE 100 Companies for Parental Leave in 2024

Groundbreaking Study Unmasks Corporate Giants in Supporting Working Parents

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Key Takeaways:

  • Top Performer: Aviva stands out as the leading FTSE 100 company for parental leave, offering 1,200% more than JD Sports.
  • Industry Discrepancies: Financial services and insurance companies excel in parental policies, while retail and consumer goods lag behind.
  • Surprising Results: Notably child-focused brands like Coca-Cola offer significantly less parental leave than the FTSE 100 average.


In a revealing study by Lem-uhn, the feel-good PR agency, the curtain has been lifted on the best and worst FTSE 100 companies for working parents in 2024. The study meticulously scrutinizes maternity, paternity, and adoption leave policies across these corporate giants, shedding light on the varying levels of support offered to working parents.

The Leader: Aviva’s Exemplary Model

Insurance behemoth Aviva emerges as a beacon of hope for working parents, scoring a perfect ten across maternity, paternity, and adoption leave categories. Aviva’s policy of offering six months of full pay for all parental leave types sets a new benchmark, significantly outperforming its peers in the FTSE 100.

The Laggards: JD Sports and Coca-Cola

In stark contrast, JD Sports and Coca-Cola are revealed as the least supportive for working parents. JD Sports offers a meager three weeks of paid maternity and adoption leave, which is 160% less than the average of other industry leaders. Coca-Cola’s policies also fall short, offering 78% less paid leave than the FTSE 100 average.

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Industry Analysis: Financial Services Lead the Way

The financial services sector, with companies like Natwest Group PLC and Lloyds Banking Group, shines in the study. This sector’s strong commitment to family-friendly policies underscores a broader industry trend towards nurturing a supportive work environment.

Additional Parental Support: A Comprehensive Approach

Beyond the basics of maternity and paternity leave, Aviva stands out for its additional schemes. These include half-day leaves for children’s first school days, caring commitment policies, and flexible unpaid leave options, showcasing a holistic approach to supporting working families.

The Discrepancies: A Call for Change

The study reveals significant gaps in parental support among the FTSE 100 companies. Brands like Rightmove and Ocado, while successful in their fields, fall behind in adopting comprehensive parental leave policies. This disparity highlights the need for a more unified approach to parental support in the corporate world.

Riannon Palmer’s Insights

Riannon Palmer, Founder of Lem-uhn, emphasizes the importance of robust parental leave policies. She advocates that such policies are not mere benefits but crucial investments in the workforce of tomorrow. According to Palmer, companies like Aviva understand that supporting parents lays the foundation for a more inclusive and sustainable workplace.


The Lem-uhn study is a wake-up call for FTSE 100 companies to reevaluate their parental leave policies. It underscores the need for a balance between corporate success and the well-being of employees and their families. As companies like Aviva lead by example, it’s time for others to follow suit and invest in the future of their workforce.


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