Postpartum Care Startup, Postpartum Plan, Records a 400% Spike in Demand

In the light of rising awareness about postnatal depression, Postpartum Plan has witnessed an unprecedented increase in memberships and profit margins in 2023.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Postpartum Plan, an online membership platform for new parents, has seen an 85% rise in searches over the last year, coinciding with a 400% increase in searches for “signs of postnatal depression.”
  2. The company has experienced a 47% increase in turnover in 2023 so far, doubling its profit margins compared to 2022.
  3. Postpartum Plan has forged partnerships with corporate entities like Hertility and law firm Fieldfisher, and received endorsements from celebrity Doctor Zoe Williams, boosting its recognition and user base.
  4. All corporate clients from 2022 have renewed their contracts for 2023, with an average of 30 licenses purchased per year, indicating the platform’s popularity as a workplace benefit for employees on parental leave.

Postpartum Care Startup Experiences Demand Surge

UK-based Postpartum Plan, an award-winning online membership for new parents, has seen a surge in demand as the need for comprehensive postpartum care gains recognition. The company has experienced a significant uptick in users since its inception in 2021, mirroring a 400% increase in searches for “signs of postnatal depression” over the last year.

Inspired By Personal Experience

Postpartum Plan was birthed out of the founder’s traumatic first birth experience, which led to PTSD, diastasis recti, insomnia, and postpartum anxiety. This experience underscored the lack of adequate support during the critical postpartum period. As of 2023, the company has reported a 47% increase in turnover and has doubled its profit margins compared to the previous year.

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Revolutionizing Postpartum Care

Postpartum Plan is changing the face of post-birth care by offering a holistic program that caters to the emotional and physical needs of new parents. The program assembles a team of postpartum experts, including women’s health physiotherapists, yoga and breath-work instructors, nutritionists, postpartum doulas, and more.

Strategic Partnerships and Endorsements

The startup has recently partnered with corporations like Hertility and law firm Fieldfisher, extending their services as employee benefits to those on parental leave. This strategic move has significantly boosted the company’s growth. Celebrity Doctor Zoe Williams has also endorsed Postpartum Plan, amplifying its visibility.

Corporate Interest and Client Retention

All of Postpartum Plan’s corporate clients from 2022 have renewed their contracts for 2023, indicating the platform’s appeal as a beneficial workplace resource. These clients typically buy between 5 and 50 licenses annually for their employees, with an average of 30 per year. Currently, 40 employees from corporate partnerships are utilising Postpartum Plan’s services.

The founder of Postpartum Plan, Meg Murray Jones, expressed her excitement about the increasing demand for postpartum care services, emphasizing the company’s commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and support they need during the postpartum period.

As awareness about the significance of maternal care grows, Postpartum Plan is leading the way in providing all-inclusive support to new parents.

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