Company Showcase Nextracker: Revolutionizing Solar Tracker Performance

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Are you ready to revolutionize your solar PV plant? Look no further than Nextracker, the industry’s leading provider of innovative smart solar tracker solutions. From advanced data monitoring and control software to global services, Nextracker has you covered. In this company showcase, we delve into what makes Nextracker stand out in the solar tracker market.

The Company

Nextracker, based in Fremont, California, is the world’s number-one global market-share provider of solar tracker solutions. The company has a solid reputation for being an innovator in the field of solar technology. Nextracker’s products and services are aimed at improving the performance of solar PV plants through data monitoring, control software, and global services.

Smart Solar Trackers

Nextracker is a leader in the development of intelligent solar tracking systems. These trackers are designed to follow the sun as it moves across the sky, maximizing energy production throughout the day. The company’s trackers are equipped with advanced software that enables them to adjust their position based on weather conditions, so they can optimize power generation in real-time.


Nextracker’s TrueCapture system is an innovative control software platform that enables solar trackers to adjust their position based on a range of factors, including weather conditions, terrain, and shading. This system has been shown to boost the energy yield of solar PV plants by up to 6%, making it an essential tool for utilities, asset owners, and project developers.

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NX Navigator

Another Nextracker’s product is the NX Navigator control system. This advanced software platform is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of a solar PV plant, through increased performance and optimized energy production. The system combines advanced algorithms with real-time monitoring to enable solar PV plants to operate at peak efficiency.

Global Services

Nextracker also has a range of global services designed to support its customers. From installation and commissioning, to training and maintenance, the company’s services are aimed at ensuring maximum uptime and performance for its products. With its extensive network of service providers, Nextracker is able to offer high-level support to its customers around the world.


Nextracker is a company at the forefront of the solar tracker industry. Its smart solar tracker solutions, advanced control software, and global services are transforming the way solar PV plants operate. With a solid reputation and a commitment to innovation, Nextracker is the ideal choice for anyone looking to take their solar PV plant to the next level.





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