Mississippi’s Top 10 Influential Lawyers Impacting Energy and Natural Resources Industry

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Mississippi, rich in natural resources, is home to some of the most proficient and experienced legal minds in the Energy and Natural Resources industry; individuals who have made impressive strides in their field. Whether they be oil and gas, electricity, nuclear energy, or environmental law specialists, these practitioners not only provide legal assistance but also guide businesses on structuring their operations in compliance with industry regulations and standards. Many even venture into related areas such as litigation, transactional work, and drafting of title opinions. This article gives an insight into some of these exceptional legal professionals within Mississippi’s energy and natural resources space.

James Nix

James Nix is recognized at Jones & Nix PLLC for his impressive work in the energy and natural resources field, particularly within the oil and gas sector. Noted for handling title matters, James has made an undeniable mark in this industry.

Ricky Cox

In the same industry but with special focus on the electric utility space, Ricky Cox of Balch & Bingham LLP is lauded for his involvement in litigation as well as regulatory and transactional aspects. Known for his wisdom and responsiveness, Ricky is a familiar face at the Mississippi Public Service Commission and is also well-versed with FERC matters.

Roger Jones

Also at Jones & Nix PLLC, the firm being well-established in the industry, Roger Jones demonstrates particular expertise in oil and gas permitting matters. His representation of clients before the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board is held in high esteem.

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R Wilson Montjoy II

R Wilson Montjoy II of Butler Snow LLP, with over forty years of experience under his belt, is a respected figure in the oil and gas sphere. His advisory on project development-related concerns and litigation handling are some of his key competencies.

Si Morgan Bondurant

Regarded for his regulatory practice and his work in the oil and gas sector, particularly his title opinion preparation work, Si Morgan Bondurant of Blair & Bondurant, PA maintains a great professional reputation.

Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor of Copeland Cook Taylor & Bush, a Professional Association, is an experienced litigator representing oil and gas clients. With his extensive background, Glenn is well-recognized and respected amongst industry peers and clients alike.

Ben H Stone

Another notable legal expert from Balch & Bingham LLP, Ben H Stone is known for his comprehensive understanding of issues facing utility clients and his extensive experience in the energy sector. Ben’s expertise in the field is hailed as excellent.

Douglas E Levanway

Douglas E Levanway, who operates out of Wise Carter Child & Caraway, a Professional Association, specializes in regulatory matters for energy clients, including managing agency investigations. His contribution to the nuclear sector and environmental law is particularly recognized.

Jeffrey Trotter

At Adams and Reese LLP, Jeffrey Trotter stands out in his representation of oil and gas industry clients in complex litigation. His title work and management of permitting proceedings, as well as his counsel on traditional and renewable energy projects, affirm his reputation as an exceptional lawyer.

Leo Manuel

Finally, Leo Manuel‘s growing reputation at Balch & Bingham LLP for his work in civil litigation, especially among those operating in the public utilities sector, is noteworthy. His brilliance and insight command respect and commendation in the energy and natural resources industry.

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