Meet the Top General Commercial Litigators in New Hampshire

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Litigation: General Commercial is a complex field that requires the expertise of skilled professionals. In New Hampshire, there are numerous lawyers who specialize in this area, providing top-notch legal services to clients. In this article, we will showcase and explain the interesting litigation work of the best General Commercial lawyers in New Hampshire.

James Q Shirley, Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA

James Shirley is an experienced lawyer who advises on complex insurance disputes and serves as general counsel to the firm. He has a longstanding civil disputes practice, which includes state and federal trials involving professional liability, breach of contract, and real estate disputes, among others. With his wealth of experience, James has become a valuable resource for his clients.

Jack B Middleton, McLane Middleton Professional Association

Jack Middleton is a trial lawyer and former judge with longstanding experience in advising on complex litigation and ADR proceedings. His expertise includes contract disputes, real estate matters, and more. Jack’s clients have come to rely on his strategic thinking and practical approach to solving problems.

Thomas J Pappas, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC

Thomas Pappas of Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC is an experienced practitioner with notable commercial litigation capabilities. He offers particular strength in insurance defense mandates, as well as wider civil disputes. While his firm does not have a website, Thomas’ reputation in the legal community speaks for itself.

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James P. Harris, Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA

James Harris is held in high regard for his expertise in disputes involving data privacy and security concerns. His broad civil litigation practice also includes defamation claims, professional negligence actions, and noncompete disputes, as well as providing expert counsel on e-discovery actions. Clients appreciate his thoroughness and attention to detail.

James J Tenn Jr, Tenn & Tenn, PA

James Tenn of Tenn & Tenn, PA takes on an impressive caseload of disputes, including criminal defense and personal injury mandates. With his focus on the needs of his clients, James has developed a reputation for being an effective advocate in and out of the courtroom.

Kathleen Mahan, Hinckley Allen

Kathleen Mahan is noted in the market for her growing practice in commercial disputes. She represents clients in breach of contract claims, IP litigation, and employment cases at both state and federal levels. With her deep understanding of the law, Kathleen is a trusted advisor to her clients.

William C Saturley, Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP

William Saturley’s practice spans a range of civil disputes, including those involving IP, construction, and employment law issues. Clients appreciate his responsiveness and dedication to their cases.

Edward Sackman, Bernstein Shur

Edward Sackman is well versed in disputes arising from a range of sectors, drawing on strength in both trial and administrative proceedings. His practice includes TTAB matters involving food and beverage companies, defending pharmaceuticals against product liability actions, and handling a range of cases involving auto dealers. Clients praise his ability to navigate complex issues.

Wilbur A Glahn III, McLane Middleton Professional Association

Wilbur Glahn boasts a litigation practice that covers a range of commercial claims, including contract disputes, tax issues, and shareholder actions. He is known for his ability to provide practical advice that achieves positive outcomes for his clients.

Bruce W Felmly, McLane Middleton Professional Association

Bruce Felmly has an impressive track record in complex civil disputes, including medical malpractice, IP and antitrust, and environmental mandates. He is well experienced advising corporate and individual clients. Clients appreciate his proactive approach to problem-solving and his ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved.

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Dan Deane, Nixon Peabody LLP

Dan Deane is well versed in external investigations, administrative proceedings, and courtroom litigation, drawing on strength in both civil and criminal disputes. He is also noted for his experience in arbitrations. Clients appreciate his thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as his ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts.

Christopher Cole, Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA

Christopher Cole offers extensive experience in trade secrets disputes, while also handling matters such as partnership and shareholder litigation. Clients appreciate his practical approach to problem-solving and his ability to achieve positive outcomes for his clients.

Jamie N Hage, Hage Hodes PA

Jamie Hage of Hage Hodes PA maintains a broad civil litigation practice, acting for a broad client base on disputes such as insurance, real estate, and shareholder actions, as well as professional negligence suits. Clients appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts.

Michele E Kenney, Pierce Atwood LLP

Michele Kenney of Pierce Atwood LLP attracts a broad roster of corporate entities and financial institutions in civil disputes such as breach of fiduciary duty claims and actions brought under the state Consumer Protection Act. Clients appreciate her responsiveness and her ability to provide practical advice that achieves positive outcomes.

Arnold Rosenblatt, Hinckley Allen

Arnold Rosenblatt of Hinckley Allen is recognized for his broad litigation practice, which includes handling IP disputes such as those involving trade secrets. Clients appreciate his depth of knowledge and his ability to effectively navigate complex legal issues.

Peter S Cowan, Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA

Peter Cowan is well versed in a wide range of civil disputes, offering particular strength in acting for design professionals in construction litigation, as well as handling shareholder actions and IP suits. Clients appreciate his dedication to their cases and his ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved.

Russell Hilliard, Upton & Hatfield LLP

Russell Hilliard of Upton & Hatfield LLP is a fine choice of counsel for corporate entities and individuals facing a range of commercial and insurance disputes. Clients appreciate his strategic thinking and his ability to achieve positive outcomes for their cases.

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Christopher H M Carter, Hinckley Allen

Christopher Carter represents both institutional and individual clients in a range of disputes and external investigations, including IP litigation, securities class actions, and white-collar criminal charges. Clients appreciate his responsiveness and his ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts.

Mary Elizabeth Tenn, Tenn & Tenn, PA

Mary Elizabeth Tenn of Tenn & Tenn, PA is a go-to personal injury lawyer for both individuals and corporations, and brings impressive trial strength to bear when handling a range of commercial disputes. Clients appreciate her dedication to their cases and her ability to achieve positive outcomes.


The lawyers listed above are some of the best General Commercial litigators in New Hampshire. Their expertise and dedication to their clients have made them stand out in their field. Whether you are facing a complex commercial dispute or need advice on a legal matter, these lawyers have the skills and experience to help you achieve positive outcomes. With their strategic thinking, practical approach to problem-solving, and ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved, these lawyers are the ones you need to know about in New Hampshire.

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