Mare Street Market Expands to King’s Cross, Transforming London’s Business Landscape

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London’s thriving business scene is about to witness a significant transformation as Mare Street Market, the beloved East London establishment, announces its expansion to the vibrant neighborhood of King’s Cross. With an impressive 18,000 sq. ft multi-use space on Lewis Cubitt Square, Mare Street Market King’s Cross is poised to become the area’s largest retail, dining, and co-working offering. This groundbreaking venture solidifies King’s Cross as a leading destination for both Londoners and international visitors seeking exceptional shopping experiences, delectable cuisine, and a bustling business environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mare Street Market is set to open its largest retail, dining, and co-working space in King’s Cross this autumn.
  • The 18,000 sq. ft multi-use space will feature eight unique retailers, a café, co-working space, deli, restaurant, and bar, catering to different price points.
  • King’s Cross experienced a successful Q1 trading period, with retail and F&B sales up 21% compared to Q1 2019, and has become a key destination for shopping, dining, and creative businesses.

Expanding the Mare Street Market Legacy

Mare Street Market, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings in Hackney, is ready to make its mark on King’s Cross. The expansion to Lewis Cubitt Square brings with it a staggering 18,000 sq. ft of prime real estate, making it the second-largest retail deal in the history of King’s Cross. This move not only cements Mare Street Market’s position as a prominent player in London’s dining and retail scene but also highlights King’s Cross as a dynamic business hub.

A Multifaceted Experience

Mare Street Market King’s Cross is designed to cater to the diverse needs and tastes of its visitors. Trading over two levels, this expansive space will feature a carefully curated selection of eight unique retailers on the ground floor, offering an eclectic mix of shopping and services. From trendy fashion boutiques to artisanal home goods, Mare Street Market King’s Cross is set to delight shoppers with its varied offerings.

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The experience doesn’t stop there. The space will also house a café and co-working area, providing professionals with a flexible and inspiring workspace. Whether it’s a morning meeting over a cup of coffee or a brainstorming session in a creative environment, Mare Street Market King’s Cross aims to cater to the needs of the modern workforce.

A Culinary Haven

Food enthusiasts will be in for a treat at Mare Street Market King’s Cross. The venue will boast a deli, a restaurant, and a bar, serving up an array of delectable dishes and refreshing beverages. With indoor and outdoor seating available, guests can enjoy their meals while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of Lewis Cubitt Square. The capacity to accommodate up to 700 covers ensures that Mare Street Market King’s Cross can cater to large groups and events.

Building on Success: King’s Cross and Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market’s expansion to King’s Cross comes at a time when the neighborhood is experiencing significant growth and success. The area has seen a remarkable 21% increase in retail and F&B sales during the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2019. This upward trend reflects the changing patterns of work and lifestyle choices, with visitors being more selective about their outings and investing more per visit.

King’s Cross has firmly established itself as a premier destination for shopping, dining, and creative businesses, with over 100 retail and hospitality occupiers across the estate. The addition of Mare Street Market King’s Cross further enhances the area’s appeal and bolsters its reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.

James Rayner’s Perspective: Head of Retail at King’s Cross

James Rayner, the Head of Retail at King’s Cross, expresses enthusiasm for the arrival of Mare Street Market. He believes that the multi-use model of Mare Street Market aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of customers and residents. Rayner emphasizes that flexible, mixed-use spaces like Mare Street Market King’s Cross represent the future of retail and hospitality, offering a new frontier for businesses to thrive.

Rayner also highlights the strong sales growth experienced by King’s Cross, with retail and F&B sales increasing by over 20% compared to the same period in 2019. This surge in figures can be attributed to the changing consumer behaviors and the rise of remote work, which has allowed people to be more intentional with their visits and spend more per visit. The promising numbers instill confidence in the neighborhood and continue to attract a high level of demand for retail units.

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Marc Francis-Baum’s Vision: Founder of Barworks

Marc Francis-Baum, the Founder of Barworks, expresses his excitement about Mare Street Market’s expansion to King’s Cross. He sees the new space as a vibrant gathering point for the King’s Cross community, offering a place where people can meet, work, eat, drink, shop, and enjoy life. Francis-Baum’s mission with Mare Street Market has always been to support and nurture new businesses on their journey to success. By prioritizing access to entry, Mare Street Market has helped many businesses establish their presence and grow, creating a unique and thriving ecosystem.

Francis-Baum shares a common ethos with King’s Cross, where inclusivity and opportunity are at the forefront. Mare Street Market King’s Cross aims to provide a platform for emerging businesses and contribute to the area’s vibrant tapestry of entrepreneurship and creativity.

The King’s Cross Advantage

King’s Cross is not just a neighborhood; it’s a creative haven. Spanning 67 acres, this vibrant area is home to inspiring businesses, remarkable architecture, destination retail and dining, and a thriving cultural scene. The neighborhood’s rich industrial past has paved the way for the development of 50 new and repurposed buildings, including iconic landmarks like Gasholders London and the Granary Building.

In addition to the impressive structures, King’s Cross boasts 27 acres of thoughtfully designed public spaces, featuring parks, streets, squares, and gardens. At the heart of the neighborhood lies Granary Square, with its iconic fountains serving as a captivating centerpiece.

The King’s Cross Estate is owned by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership (KCCLP), which comprises pension fund AustralianSuper, clients of Federated Hermes Inc, and Argent investors. AustralianSuper holds a 70% stake in KCCLP, managing over AUD$260 billion in retirement savings on behalf of more than 2.8 million members.

Barworks Group: An Indomitable Force

Barworks Group, the driving force behind Mare Street Market, is an independent pub, bar, and restaurant group founded in 1998. With a string of successful sites across London, Barworks has gained recognition as one of the city’s best pub and bar operators. Their establishments, including Mare Street Market in Hackney, Gas Station, and The Starman Pub, have consistently been featured in guides highlighting the top venues in the city.

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In 2015, Barworks Group received industry recognition with a Catey award for the Best Pub & Bar Group. They were also ranked among the top 10 fastest-growing pub groups in the UK in 2017. At the 2020 Publican Awards, Barworks was shortlisted for Best Drinks Offer, Best Managed Pub Company, and Best Pub Employer, further cementing their reputation as industry leaders.

A Thriving Business Landscape

With Mare Street Market’s expansion to King’s Cross, London’s business landscape is poised to thrive even further. The combination of diverse retail options, culinary delights, and flexible co-working spaces creates an environment that caters to the changing needs and desires of modern professionals and consumers. Mare Street Market King’s Cross is set to become a bustling hub where creativity, entrepreneurship, and community converge, further solidifying King’s Cross as a leading destination for Londoners and visitors from around the world.

As King’s Cross continues to evolve and grow, its unique blend of history, culture, and innovation will undoubtedly attract more businesses and individuals seeking an exceptional experience. The neighborhood’s commitment to nurturing emerging enterprises and fostering a supportive ecosystem will ensure its continued success as a business and cultural hotspot in London.

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