Manchester Recruitment Firm Backs GB Police Rugby Tour: A Game-Changing Sponsorship

The City Recruiter Champions GB Police Rugby Team's Journey Down Under

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Key Takeaways:

  • A Manchester recruitment agency throws its support behind the GB Police Rugby Team’s upcoming Australian tour.
  • The sponsorship highlights the vital role of sponsors in enabling the team’s participation and success.
  • The City Recruiter’s sponsorship reflects a personal connection to rugby and a commitment to supporting community and national endeavors.

Answering the Call: The City Recruiter’s Game-Changing Support

In a remarkable show of solidarity, a Manchester-based recruitment agency is standing firmly behind the national police rugby team as they prepare for an exhilarating tour across Australia. The City Recruiter has emerged as a major sponsor for the GB Police Rugby Team, amplifying their journey on the global stage and underscoring the spirit of community and collaboration in the world of sports and business.

A Partnership Forged in Support

As the GB Police Rugby Team gears up to embark on their Australian expedition, The City Recruiter steps into the limelight as a beacon of support and encouragement. Nick Ryan, Director of the recruitment firm, expresses his enthusiasm for the sponsorship: “The City Recruiter is thrilled to sponsor the GB Police Rugby Team on their Australian tour. We take pride in supporting these guys as they represent our country against the Aussie police.”

Empowering National Pride and Community Spirit

The tour, set to kick off early next month, will witness the convergence of police officers from six constabularies across the UK in Sydney. The camaraderie and determination of the team, including members from Greater Manchester Police force like Captain Sgt Ben Marsden, epitomize the ethos of teamwork and excellence.

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Sgt Marsden acknowledges the pivotal role of sponsors like The City Recruiter: “Sponsors like The City Recruiter are a massive support. We wouldn’t get the kit or be able to go without them. They’re the ones making it successful.”

A Personal Connection and Shared Passion

For Nick Ryan, the sponsorship represents more than just corporate support; it’s a personal journey intertwined with a love for rugby. Reflecting on his own rugby background, Nick shares, “I love rugby and will always feel a connection to the sport. While I don’t play anymore, it is great to be able to support other players who are just as passionate.”

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