Lucas A. Ferrara: A Distinguished Career in Law and a Creative Force in Film

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lucas A. Ferrara, a partner at Newman Ferrara LLP, boasts over three decades of experience in real-estate litigation..
  • His accomplishments include a consistent Super Lawyers® designation since 2007 and a “Top 100” recognition in New York.
  • Ferrara has achieved notable victories in real-estate disputes, including a multi-million-dollar trial win and a $42 million settlement.
  • As an educator, he has served as an adjunct professor at New York Law School and New York University.
  • He is a prolific writer and a co-author of respected legal treatises.
  • Ferrara has an extensive history of pro bono work and has served in various arbitration roles.
  • He is also an acclaimed film producer, with over 175 award-winning films to his credit.

A Career Defined by Excellence and Advocacy

Lucas A. Ferrara, a named partner at Newman Ferrara LLP, stands as a testament to the power of dedication and expertise in all things real estate, including landlord-tenant law. With a career spanning over three decades, Ferrara has not only represented his clients in numerous high-profile real-estate disputes but also has made significant contributions to the legal community through his writing and teaching.

Legal Achievements and Recognitions

Ferrara’s legal prowess is evidenced by his consistent recognition as one of New York’s Super Lawyers® since 2007, a testament to his standing in the legal community. His notable legal battles include a groundbreaking 28-day trial leading to a multi-million-dollar victory, and a landmark $42 million settlement for thousands of Manhattan tenants. These victories are not just wins in the courtroom, but they also signify Ferrara’s commitment to justice and tenant rights.

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Academic Contributions and Literary Works

In addition to his courtroom achievements, Ferrara’s influence extends to academia. Appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School, and previously at New York University, he has shaped the minds of future legal professionals. His receipt of the ‘Teachers’ Excellence Award’ in 1996 from NYU highlights his impact as an educator.

Ferrara’s scholarly contributions include numerous essays and articles in prestigious publications. His role as a co-author of the West treatise “Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York” and his chapter in “New York State Administrative Procedure and Practice” reflect his expertise and deep understanding of the law. 

Pro Bono Work and Community Service

Lucas Ferrara’s career is also marked by his commitment to pro bono activities. Serving as a Special Master in the New York County Supreme Court and as an Arbitrator for various organizations, he has dedicated his time and expertise to the broader community. His early work with the Mayor’s Voluntary Action Center of New York City, where he promoted community service through volunteerism, earned him mayoral award certificates, underlining his longstanding dedication to community service.

Transition into the World of Film

Beyond the legal arena, Ferrara has emerged as a significant figure in the film industry. Since 2020, he has produced over 175 award-winning films, collaborating with global creatives. His portfolio includes feature films like “HELP,” “MAKEUP,” and “5000 SPACE ALIENS,” and critically acclaimed shorts like “PRAGMA” and “SELF-CHARM.” His involvement in “FRANK & EMMET,” an Oscar-eligible short in 2023, showcases his ability to identify and nurture cinematic talent.

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Ferrara’s Diverse Impact

The breadth of Ferrara’s career is exceptional. From winning landmark legal battles and shaping future legal minds to producing award-winning films, he has left an indelible mark in both law and the arts. His journey exemplifies a rare blend of professional excellence, academic contribution, and creative prowess.


Lucas A. Ferrara’s career trajectory serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that one can excel in diverse fields through dedication, expertise, and a commitment to service. His achievements in both the legal and film industries highlight a multifaceted talent, making him a distinguished figure in both arenas.

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