Lights, Camera, Legal Brilliance: Tennessee’s Media & Entertainment Lawyers Take Center Stage

Meet the Legal Titans Shaping the Entertainment Industry in Tennessee.

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The Media & Entertainment industry is a dynamic and fast-paced sector that requires legal expertise to navigate the complex web of intellectual property, contractual agreements, and First Amendment rights. In Tennessee, a hub for the music and entertainment world, a group of exceptional lawyers stand out for their dedication, experience, and profound impact on the industry. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most captivating Media & Entertainment lawyers in Tennessee, highlighting their accomplishments, areas of expertise, and testimonials from clients who have experienced their exceptional legal counsel firsthand.

Robb S Harvey – Holland & Knight LLP:

Robb Harvey is a skilled litigator who handles sophisticated intellectual property, First Amendment, and other disputes on behalf of clients in the entertainment sector. Known for his extensive knowledge of copyright law and his ability to consider business considerations, Robb is highly efficient and focused on achieving the best results for his clients.

Scott Safford – Safford Motley PLC:

Scott Safford provides wide-ranging transactional representation to clients in the entertainment industry, with a special focus on representing songwriters. With his extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of record deals, Scott is highly regarded for his expertise and valuable counsel.

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Matthew Beckett – Milom Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC:

Matthew Beckett is held in high esteem for his representation of clients in the music business, including artists, songwriters, record labels, and music publishers. With a deep understanding of intellectual property issues, Matthew is known for his responsive, detail-oriented approach and his commitment to finding pragmatic solutions.

Russell A. Jones – Law Office of Russell A. Jones Jr.:

Russell Jones is a highly experienced entertainment lawyer with an impressive roster of clients, including recording artists, producers, and record labels. Known as a great attorney and a dean of the practice, Russell brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients’ cases.

W Michael Milom – Milom Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC:

Michael Milom is a preeminent entertainment attorney known for his wide-ranging transactional practice and expertise in intellectual property issues. With decades of experience and a reputation for problem-solving, Michael is widely recognized as one of the best lawyers in the field.

Lynn Morrow – Adams and Reese LLP:

Lynn Morrow has a broad entertainment practice that includes representing artists, songwriters, and music publishers. Known for her professionalism, strong communication skills, and timeliness in delivering results, Lynn is highly valued by her clients and regarded as one of the best in the field.

David Crow – Milom Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC:

David Crow advises clients in the entertainment sector on a wide range of transactional matters, with a particular emphasis on intellectual property. With his talent, knowledge, and professionalism, David is highly regarded by his clients and a trusted legal advisor in the industry.

Samuel D Lipshie – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP:

Samuel Lipshie has a superb entertainment practice that includes representing individual talent and corporate entities in high-stakes disputes and transactional matters. With his exceptional litigation skills, Samuel is known for his dedication and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Jason Turner – Keller Turner Ruth Andrews & Ghanem, PLLC:

Jason Turner has extensive experience representing artists, record companies, and music publishers in contract negotiations and intellectual property matters. With his strong advocacy skills and deep understanding of the music industry, Jason is a trusted advisor for his clients.

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Derek Crownover – Loeb & Loeb LLP:

Derek Crownover is a well-known media and entertainment attorney who handles matters relating to copyright, licensing, and entertainment agreements. With his intelligence and expertise, Derek provides excellent legal services and strategic guidance to his clients.

Page Kelley – Milom Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC:

Page Kelley represents prominent artists and record labels on a wide range of intellectual property and contractual matters. With her solution-oriented approach and wealth of experience, Page is highly regarded as an excellent transactional attorney.

Casey Del Casino – Del Casino Law:

Casey Del Casino has a strong track record in handling employment transactions, including negotiating recording and publishing agreements, as well as catalog sales. With his capability and prominence in the copyright space, Casey works on prominent cases and provides valuable legal counsel.

Chip Petree – Ritholz Levy Fields LLP:

Chip Petree is an esteemed entertainment attorney who primarily counsels clients in the music industry, including artists, songwriters, record labels, and publishers. Known for his careful approach and thoughtful advice, Chip is respected as a skilled and rational practitioner.

Chris Horsnell – The Law Offices of Christian A. Horsnell, PLC:

Chris Horsnell is an experienced entertainment lawyer who represents artists in contract negotiations and intellectual property issues. Known for his knowledge and expertise, Chris provides valuable legal counsel to his clients.

E Andrew Norwood – Holland & Knight LLP:

E Andrew Norwood is noted for his expert representation of clients in the music and publishing industries. With a practice that spans a range of intellectual property and transactional matters, Andrew is known for his intelligence, responsiveness, and diligence as a lawyer.

Denise M Stevens – Loeb & Loeb LLP:

Denise Stevens has an enviable client base consisting of recording artists, music publishers, and production companies. Recognized for her transactional expertise, Denise is valued by her clients for her thoroughness and professionalism.

Molly Shehan – Milom Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC:

Molly Shehan handles intellectual property and other entertainment issues on behalf of talent and corporate clients in the music industry. With her exceptional legal skills, Molly provides great support to her clients.

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Tiffany A Dunn – Loeb & Loeb LLP:

Tiffany Dunn demonstrates skill across a wide range of entertainment issues, including intellectual property enforcement. Known for her client-oriented approach, responsiveness, and exceptional negotiation skills, Tiffany is highly regarded by her clients.

Lauren Kilgore – Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP:

Lauren Kilgore is adept at handling commercial, intellectual property, and other disputes on behalf of clients in the entertainment sector. With her solid legal expertise, Lauren provides valuable support and guidance to her clients.

Linda Edell Howard – Novick Law PLLC:

Linda Edell Howard is a seasoned lawyer in the entertainment space, handling transactional matters for clients in the entertainment and new media sectors. With her expertise and dedication, Linda is recognized as a great lawyer in the field.


These exceptional Media & Entertainment lawyers in Tennessee play a vital role in shaping the landscape of the industry. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to their clients have earned them a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Whether it’s navigating intellectual property rights, negotiating contracts, or handling high-stakes disputes, these legal titans are at the forefront, ensuring that the rights and interests of their clients are protected. With their profound impact on the industry, these lawyers are instrumental in driving the growth and success of the Media & Entertainment sector in Tennessee.

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