Justice Warriors: These Extradition Lawyers Are Making Headlines in the UK

An In-Depth Look at the Professionals Who Navigate the Complexities of Extradition Cases.

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Extradition law plays a critical role in the global fight against crime, enabling countries to cooperate in bringing fugitives to justice. The United Kingdom, as an integral part of international extradition efforts, boasts a cadre of exceptional lawyers specializing in this intricate field. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable extradition lawyers across the UK, who adeptly navigate complex legal landscapes, handle politically sensitive cases, and defend clients facing serious criminal charges.

Nick Vamos – Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Nick Vamos, a seasoned legal professional, draws upon his extensive experience as the former head of extradition at the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). Working at Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, Vamos expertly advises clients on a wide range of complex and politically sensitive cases. His expertise primarily lies in representing individuals facing extradition for alleged fraud and political corruption, showcasing his versatility in handling high-profile matters.

Jago Russell – Boutique Law LLP

Jago Russell, an esteemed extradition lawyer, joined Boutique Law LLP in 2021. Previously serving as the chief executive of an international criminal justice charity, Russell brings a wealth of experience to the table. His expertise spans extradition cases originating from various jurisdictions worldwide, including those involving Interpol Red Notices. Russell’s passion for justice and his comprehensive understanding of international law make him a notable figure in the field.

Jasvinder Nakhwal – Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Jasvinder Nakhwal, a distinguished lawyer at Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, specializes in complex and politically significant extradition cases. With a focus on Interpol Red Notices, Nakhwal skillfully handles extradition requests from multiple regions, including Europe and the Middle East. Her expertise in navigating sensitive international matters ensures that her clients receive robust legal representation.

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Anand Doobay – Boutique Law LLP

Anand Doobay, a leading expert in the field, showcases a vast array of experience in handling complex extradition challenges. At Boutique Law LLP, Doobay adeptly manages extradition requests, European Arrest Warrants, and Interpol Red Notices. His extensive knowledge and ability to navigate intricate legal frameworks have established him as a sought-after professional in the field.

Fadi Daoud – Lawrence & Co

Fadi Daoud, a dedicated lawyer at Lawrence & Co, adeptly handles criminal defense cases alongside associated extradition proceedings. Daoud provides legal aid representation as well as private counsel, offering his expertise to clients facing challenging circumstances. His commitment to protecting the rights of individuals involved in extradition cases is commendable.

Russell Nicholson – Taylor Rose MW

With a focus on EU jurisdictions and cases originating from the USA and other countries, Russell Nicholson of Taylor Rose MW brings a wealth of expertise to the field of extradition law. Nicholson’s proficiency in handling complex international matters solidifies his reputation as a reliable and competent extradition lawyer.

John Molleskog – Taylor Rose MW

John Molleskog boasts significant experience in defending clients against extradition requests from various jurisdictions and a wide range of criminal charges. His comprehensive knowledge and versatile approach allow him to navigate the complexities of international law, providing robust representation to his clients.

Ben Brandon – Mishcon de Reya LLP

As the head of the extradition department at Mishcon de Reya, Ben Brandon is a dual-qualified solicitor and barrister, specializing in international criminal cases and associated extradition proceedings. Brandon’s expertise extends to matters concerning Interpol Red Notices, showcasing his proficiency in navigating intricate international legal frameworks.

Edward Grange – Corker Binning

Edward Grange, widely regarded as one of the leading extradition experts in the UK, focuses on defending clients against extradition requests from diverse jurisdictions. His substantial experience in this field enables him to provide robust representation to individuals facing extradition, ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Fiona Haddadeen – Sonn Macmillan Walker

Fiona Haddadeen, rapidly establishing an excellent reputation in the field of extradition law, seamlessly combines her prior experience working within the CPS with her current practice at Sonn Macmillan Walker. Haddadeen’s expertise lies in handling a wide range of cases related to serious criminal offenses, including drugs and human trafficking. Her dedication to fighting for justice shines through in her work.

Aaron Watkins – Kingsley Napley LLP

Aaron Watkins, co-leading the international protection practice at Kingsley Napley, stands out as an expert in extradition law. Watkins specializes in cases concerning financial crime and political corruption, regularly defending individuals against extradition requests from jurisdictions such as the US, India, and Russia. His comprehensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to his clients make him a sought-after lawyer in this field.

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Rebecca Niblock – Kingsley Napley LLP

Rebecca Niblock, an acknowledged extradition expert, boasts extensive experience representing clients in complex proceedings related to serious and corporate crimes, political corruption, and war crimes. Niblock’s exceptional legal acumen allows her to provide robust defense strategies to clients facing extradition.

Shaul Brazil – BCL Solicitors LLP

Shaul Brazil, a prominent lawyer at BCL Solicitors LLP, represents individuals and companies in matters relating to financial crime, particularly those involving money laundering. Brazil’s expertise in advising clients on complex money laundering cases sets him apart, making him a valuable asset in extradition proceedings.

Laura Hayward – Taylor Rose MW

With a strong reputation for her work on complex extradition cases, Laura Hayward specializes in representing clients involved in serious criminal charges, including cases related to human trafficking. Her dedication to her clients’ rights and her ability to navigate intricate legal frameworks make her a respected figure in the field.

Katherine Tyler – Kingsley Napley LLP

Katherine Tyler, a qualified barrister, showcases considerable expertise in handling complex extradition matters. Her areas of focus include defending clients facing extradition in fraud and murder cases, with additional experience in handling Interpol Red Notices. Tyler’s comprehensive understanding of extradition law ensures her clients receive the highest level of representation.

Hannah Raphael – BCL Solicitors LLP

Frequently representing high-profile individuals against extradition requests, Hannah Raphael excels in cases concerning financial crimes. Additionally, she possesses expertise in Interpol cases, including the challenging of Red Notices. Raphael’s commitment to her clients and her ability to handle intricate international legal matters make her an invaluable asset.

Kate Goold – Bindmans LLP

As an extradition lawyer at Bindmans LLP, Kate Goold adeptly advises clients on extradition requests and Interpol Red Notices. Goold brings her extensive experience to cases involving serious criminal charges, complex political aspects, and potential human rights breaches. Her dedication to justice and her comprehensive understanding of extradition law make her a notable practitioner.

Michael Drury – BCL Solicitors LLP

Michael Drury’s extradition expertise spans multiple jurisdictions, including those in Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. Drury specializes in defending clients facing charges of corruption, fraud, and other serious crimes, particularly in cases where political motivation may be a factor. His extensive experience in navigating international legal frameworks sets him apart as a leading extradition expert.

William Bergstrom – Taylor Rose MW

As the head of extradition at Taylor Rose MW, William Bergstrom represents clients in proceedings complicated by factors such as human rights violations, judicial corruption, and political motivation. His experience includes handling cases originating from European and African countries, among others, solidifying his expertise in international extradition matters.

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Katy Smart – Sonn Macmillan Walker

Katy Smart, an experienced extradition lawyer, frequently advises on cases involving client vulnerability or political motivation. Her broad expertise extends to extradition requests from Russia, the USA, and Europe. Smart’s dedication to her clients’ well-being and her comprehensive understanding of international law make her a trusted practitioner.

Renata Pinter – Dalton Holmes Gray Solicitors

Renata Pinter, head of extradition at Dalton Holmes Gray Solicitors, showcases her expertise in handling extradition requests from a broad range of jurisdictions, including both EU and non-EU countries. Pinter’s comprehensive knowledge and strategic approach ensure her clients receive top-tier representation.

Karen Todner – Karen Todner Limited

Karen Todner, with a particular focus on handling extradition requests from Russia, brings a unique perspective to the field. Her ability to navigate complex human rights considerations sets her apart, ensuring her clients receive robust legal representation.

Anthony Hanratty – Withers LLP

Anthony Hanratty, as part of his broader corporate crime and investigations practice at Withers LLP, adeptly handles extradition cases. Hanratty’s expertise spans serious charges such as fraud and money laundering, across diverse jurisdictions. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic approach make him an invaluable asset in this field.


The field of extradition law in the United Kingdom benefits greatly from the expertise of these exceptional lawyers. Through their dedication, extensive experience, and in-depth knowledge of international legal frameworks, they effectively navigate the complexities of extradition cases. Whether handling politically sensitive matters, defending against serious criminal charges, or ensuring the protection of clients’ rights, these professionals play a vital role in upholding justice and maintaining the rule of law.

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