Green Guardians – London’s Top Environment Lawyers Leading the Way

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As environmental concerns take center stage in global discourse, the role of environmental lawyers becomes increasingly critical. In London, a vibrant hub of legal expertise, a group of exceptional environment lawyers are at the forefront of advocating for sustainability, climate action, and responsible corporate practices. From regulatory compliance to transactional advice and litigation, these lawyers offer their expertise to clients seeking to navigate the complex environmental landscape. In this article, we highlight the top environment lawyers in London, showcasing their experience, knowledge, and commitment to fostering a greener future.

Paul Davies – Latham & Watkins

As the co-chair of the global ESG practice at Latham & Watkins, Paul Davies has garnered a stellar reputation for his expertise in handling ESG and climate change matters. Davies advises a wide range of clients on the environmental aspects of corporate transactions, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable practices in business. With his in-depth knowledge and comprehensive approach, Davies plays a crucial role in driving environmental consciousness and responsibility in the legal sector and beyond.

Georgie Messent – PwC Legal Business Solutions

Georgie Messent, a notable practitioner at PwC Legal Business Solutions, brings extensive experience and knowledge to her practice. Her expertise in regulatory advice, nuisance claims, and transactional support makes her a trusted advisor to clients in the waste and manufacturing sectors. Messent’s commitment to climate change and sustainability matters underscores her dedication to fostering environmentally responsible practices in the corporate world.

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Matthew Townsend – Allen & Overy LLP

As the global co-head of the environmental, climate, and regulatory law practice at Allen & Overy, Matthew Townsend has established himself as a go-to lawyer for regulatory compliance matters and environmental aspects of M&A transactions. Townsend’s extensive experience in advising clients in the energy sector, waste management, and climate change demonstrates his commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges. His expertise contributes to shaping sustainable business practices in London and beyond.

Eleanor Reeves – Ashurst

Eleanor Reeves, head of the environmental and safety practice at Ashurst, is a trusted advisor known for her ability to navigate complex environmental aspects of transactions. Reeves specializes in risk management, regulatory compliance, and ESG advice, helping clients develop sustainable strategies while mitigating environmental risks. Her dedication to sustainability and her proficiency in advising on environmental considerations contribute to building a greener future.

Nicholas Rock – DLA Piper LLP

As the international co-head of safety, health, and environment and product compliance at DLA Piper, Nicholas Rock offers expert advice on environmental matters arising from transactions and projects. His broad experience in product compliance, climate change, and contentious issues enables him to provide comprehensive guidance to high-profile clients. Rock’s commitment to environmental protection drives him to find innovative solutions that balance sustainability and business goals.

Caroline May – Norton Rose Fulbright

Leading the EMEA environment, health, and safety practice at Norton Rose Fulbright, Caroline May brings extensive experience in contentious and non-contentious environmental matters. With her deep knowledge of environmental investigations, litigation, and large infrastructure projects, May helps clients navigate complex environmental challenges. Her advocacy for sustainability and environmental protection contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

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London’s environment lawyers showcased in this article, including Paul Davies, Georgie Messent, Matthew Townsend, Eleanor Reeves, Nicholas Rock, Caroline May, and others, are leading the charge in advocating for sustainable practices, climate action, and responsible corporate behavior. Their expertise in regulatory compliance, transactional advice, and litigation enables them to guide clients through the complex environmental landscape. These lawyers play a vital role in shaping sustainable business practices, driving environmental consciousness, and fostering a greener future in London and beyond. With their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to providing legal counsel that balances environmental protection and business objectives, these lawyers are paving the way for a more environmentally conscious legal landscape.

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