Frontline Guardians of Burkina Faso’s Business Terrain: Profiles of Astute Legal Mavericks

A Comprehensive Spotlight on the Industry’s Finest

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Burkina Faso, with its dynamic economic climate and evolving regulatory framework, houses a diverse array of lawyers who have demonstrated a mastery of general business law. This article highlights a selection of exceptional legal professionals whose proficiency and adaptability have significantly impacted the industry. These legal titans are noted for their remarkable experience, breadth of knowledge, and the ability to navigate the intricacies of commercial transactions, employment law, mining law, and more.

Each of these lawyers stands out not only for their ability to provide sound and tailored legal advice, but also for their deep understanding of the commercial landscape and broader socio-economic factors that influence the legal environment. As we introduce each attorney, we aim to shed light on the profound influence they wield within Burkina Faso’s legal sector.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to their clients, and significant contributions to the industry are laudable. These top-notch professionals embody the best of Burkina Faso’s general business law sector.

Bobson Coulibaly: The Mining Maestro

SCP Yanogo Bobson Bobson Coulibaly consistently ranks among Burkina Faso’s top lawyers, noted for her standout expertise in the mining sector, commercial transactions, and employment law. With excellent connections with leading Canadian law firms, Coulibaly brings an international perspective to her practice.

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Issouf Baadhio: The Commercial Cognoscente

Cabinet Baadhio Issouf Baadhio is an established authority in commercial law, with a special focus on mining law. He frequently provides counsel on matters in Niger, demonstrating his geographic versatility.

Batibié Benao: The Constitutional Connoisseur

SCPA Legalis Batibié Benao, the firm’s managing partner, is applauded for his strong relationships throughout the market and his deep understanding of constitutional law.

Yoni Amado: The Transaction Titan

SCPA Legalis Yoni Amado shines with vast experience in commercial law, providing counsel on a wide range of transactions. He is a key figure in the firm’s disputes team, often representing international clients in arbitrations.

Benoît Sawadogo: The Experience Empowered

SCPA Sawadogo & Sawadogo Benoît Sawadogo, a former Burkinabe Bâtonnier, provides key clients with valuable insights gathered over many years of practice.

Guy Hervé Kam: The OHADA Oracle

SCPA Kam & Some Guy Hervé Kam stands out in the banking and corporate law sectors, recognised for his work in Burkina Faso and his deep understanding of OHADA law.

Patricia Sawadogo: The Legal Luminary

SCPA Sawadogo & Sawadogo Patricia Sawadogo is a respected figure in the legal landscape, offering expertise in banking, mining, and litigation.

Bouba Yaguibou: The Tax Tactician

SCPA Yaguibou & Yanogo Bouba Yaguibou’s broad experience in contentious and non-contentious tax matters continues to earn him praise in the industry.

Sylvie Dembele: The Peer-Respected Practitioner

Consilium Sylvie Dembele is known for her work with international clients and her command over a variety of non-contentious legal matters.

Fulgence Habiyaremye: The Multidimensional Maverick

Fulgence Law Firm Fulgence Habiyaremye is celebrated for his wide-ranging expertise, including labour, banking, and mining law.

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Mamadou Savadogo: The Mining and Litigation Virtuoso

Cabinet Mamadou Savadogo Mamadou Savadogo shines with his extensive experience in business and mining law, coupled with his revered litigation skills.

Pierre Yanogo: The Dispute Dynamo

SCP Yanogo Bobson Pierre Yanogo, head of the firm’s litigation department, is known for his significant expertise in financial services and energy disputes.

Charlotte Coulibaly: The Banking and Insurance Battlefront

KERE, Avocats Charlotte Coulibaly excels in banking and insurance disputes, and is also well-versed in white-collar criminal cases.

Thomas Somé: The Francophone Frontman

SCPA Tou et Somé Thomas Somé’s wide-ranging experience, particularly his expertise in litigation, has made him a go-to lawyer for francophone clients.

Roland Bouda: The Arbitration Ace

Consilium Roland Bouda is renowned for his dispute resolution work and his experience in high-value arbitrations.

Mamadou Traoré: The Telecoms Titan

Cabinet Mamadou Traoré Mamadou Traoré is well-regarded for his expertise in telecoms matters and his role as local counsel on international transactions.

Bakary Tou: The International Insider

SCPA Tou et Somé Fluent in English, Bakary Tou often supports the firm’s international clientele, earning him much respect in the field.

Siaka Niamba: The Burkinabe Beacon

SCPA Karambiri/Niamba As Burkina Faso’s Bâtonnier as of September 2021, Siaka Niamba is a key contact for clients and a highly respected figure in the legal field.

These profiles offer a glimpse into the talents, expertise, and dedication of the selected lawyers. These individuals continue to shape the legal landscape of Burkina Faso, and their impressive work has established the country as a prominent player in African and global business law.

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