From the Bayou to the Boardroom: Louisiana’s Best Energy Lawyers

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Louisiana has a thriving energy industry with a strong regulatory framework. As such, lawyers who practice in the Energy & Natural Resources: Utilities sector must be well-versed in complex regulatory and transactional matters. From representing the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to advising on power market rules and project development-related matters, these lawyers are at the forefront of the state’s energy industry. In this article, we showcase the top Energy & Natural Resources: Utilities lawyers in Louisiana.

Noel J Darce, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann LLC

Noel Darce is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation in the energy industry. He is highly regarded for representing the LPSC in matters before FERC as well as state and federal courts. Noel is known for his responsiveness, collaboration skills, and deep knowledge of the Louisiana energy space.

Kyle Marionneaux, Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC

Kyle Marionneaux is regularly sought out by electrical cooperatives for his expert representation in front of the LPSC. His practice covers regulatory and transactional matters, and he is a zealous advocate for his clients. Although his firm does not have a website, Kyle’s expertise and reputation speak for themselves.

Daniel Pancamo, Phelps Dunbar LLP

Daniel Pancamo has extensive public utility regulatory and transactional expertise. He is very precise and organized and is great at following up. Daniel has been an integral part of many high-profile energy cases in Louisiana.

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John O Shirley, Phelps Dunbar LLP

John Shirley is a veteran lawyer in the energy industry, with over two decades of experience. He regularly appears in front of various state regulatory bodies, handling a range of matters such as ratemaking on behalf of traditional and renewable generation clients. John is a high-end practitioner and very knowledgeable.

Janet Boles, The Boles Law Firm

Janet Boles is an experienced attorney based in Baton Rouge. She has notable expertise in utilities matters and is a mover and shaker in the energy field. Her firm’s website highlights the firm’s core values, which include excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction.

Jonathan McCartney, Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam

Jonathan McCartney has noteworthy experience advising clients on a range of regulatory and transactional matters. He acts as regulatory counsel for public utilities and is very effective and highly thought of. Jonathan’s firm has a clear commitment to client service, as evidenced by their client testimonials on their website.

Paul L Zimmering, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann LLC

Paul Zimmering has a stellar reputation as a strong lawyer and advocate who regularly acts on behalf of the LPSC. He is an extremely talented litigator and is a very careful and thoughtful analyst of financial positions. Paul is exceptionally good at getting parties to sit down and seriously consider settlement.

Jamie Watts, Long Law Firm LLP

Jamie Watts represents industrial users of electricity and utility clients in a range of regulatory issues and transactional matters. Jamie Watts has got a wonderful rhetoric style and has very good conflict resolution skills. His firm’s website highlights their commitment to providing high-quality legal services to their clients.

Alan C Wolf, Phelps Dunbar LLP

Alan Wolf is a respected attorney with over four decades of experience. He expertly represents electric and gas utilities and is very good to work with. Alan has deep knowledge in the field and is a valuable asset to his clients.

David L Guerry, David L. Guerry, APLC

David Guerry is a highly regarded practitioner with significant expertise handling litigation at the state level. He is very talented and has got deep relationships with decision-makers and players in the industry.

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Katherine King, Kean Miller LLP

Katherine King is recognized for her leading expertise in regulatory matters in the power sector. She advises clients on MISO requirements and interconnection issues as well as general compliance. Katherine is further noted for her appearances before the LPSC. Her reputation is amazing, and she is a role model for many.

Nathan Huntwork, Phelps Dunbar LLP

Nathan Huntwork is an experienced attorney handling regulatory issues for a range of clients, including electric utilities and oil and gas pipeline companies. His expertise covers ratemaking, rulemaking proceedings, and utility mergers. Nathan is a very good lawyer with a lot of experience in the market.

Robert S Gilliam, Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam

Robert Gilliam has an excellent reputation for his representation of clients in front of the LPSC. He gets results for clients and is excellent at what he does. Robert’s firm has a strong emphasis on client service and the importance of building lasting relationships with clients.

J Randy Young, Kean Miller LLP

Randy Young is sought out by electric utilities, IPPs, power marketers, and industrial clients for his abilities in administrative actions and civil litigation. Randy Young is an excellent lawyer and a very active practitioner who does a really good job for clients. His firm’s website showcases their diverse range of practice areas and industry expertise.

Michael R Fontham, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann LLC

Michael Fontham has vast experience handling a variety of matters on behalf of the LPSC. He regularly appears in appellate proceedings before the courts. Michael is one of the best litigation attorneys in the country, and he is a top-notch litigator who is well versed in the subject of utilities regulation.

Luke Piontek, Roedel Parsons Koch Blache Balhoff & McCollister

Luke Piontek is an experienced energy sector practitioner with a broad skill set. He is particularly well known for his abilities as a litigator. Luke is tenacious in pursuing cases and is a zealous advocate for his clients. His firm’s website highlights their extensive experience in the energy industry.

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Dana Shelton, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann LLC

Dana Shelton has an excellent reputation and is considered an expert in electric utilities matters and power market rules. She is regularly sought out by the LPSC to manage administrative and judicial proceedings. Dana is an experienced and excellent practitioner.

Carrie Tournillon, Kean Miller LLP

Carrie Tournillon is commended for her work with utilities in complex administrative proceedings and project development-related matters. She regularly represents clients before the LPSC and the PUCT. Carrie has a very active caseload and manages it well. She does good work.

Kara Kantrow, Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC

Kara Kantrow is an experienced advocate with a solid reputation in this space. She routinely represents electric cooperatives, water utilities, and transportation companies in an array of matters before the LPSC. Kara Kantrow is a fearless advocate for her clients, and she is impressive.


Louisiana’s Energy & Natural Resources: Utilities industry requires lawyers with deep expertise in regulatory and transactional matters. The lawyers listed above are among the best in the state, with a wealth of experience representing clients before the LPSC and in courtrooms throughout the state and beyond. They are dedicated to protecting the interests of their clients and are at the forefront of Louisiana’s thriving energy industry.

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