From Frontlines to Code Lines: How This Program Transforms Military Veterans into Tech Gurus

Veterans Take Tech by Storm: An Unconventional Path to Digital Mastery

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Key Takeaways:

  • FDM Group’s Ex-Forces Programme has successfully deployed 211 consultants worldwide in 2022, adding to an alumni network of over 750 since its inception.
  • The programme aims to ease the transition of ex-military and blue light service personnel into tech careers, leveraging their unique skills.
  • Acknowledged by prestigious awards, FDM Group’s commitment underscores the significant value and diverse skillset veterans bring to the tech industry.

A Pioneering Initiative for Ex-Forces Personnel

The transition from military life to civilian careers can often be a daunting and complex journey. Addressing this challenge, FDM Group, a prominent player in talent solutions, has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating a smoother transition for ex-forces personnel into the realm of technology. The company’s Ex-Forces career programme, which bagged several accolades, including a Gold Award from the UK Government’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, reflects its unwavering dedication to empowering military veterans in the tech industry.

Rising Through the Ranks in Tech

1. Deploying Success

FDM’s 2022 annual report paints a success story with the deployment of 211 consultants from the Ex-Forces Programme across the globe, marking a significant milestone in the programme’s journey that began in 2014. With an alumni network exceeding 750 ex-forces consultants, FDM Group has firmly established itself as a leader in integrating veterans into the tech workforce.

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2. Amplifying Impact Through Leeds Digital Festival

In a recent online event at the Leeds Digital Festival, FDM Group further showcased the impact of its Ex-Forces programme. Keynote speeches, particularly by Stewart Sharman, Global Head of Ex-Forces at FDM Group and a former British Army Colonel, spotlighted the comprehensive training and upskilling opportunities offered by FDM. These efforts illuminate the path for ex-military and blue light services personnel striving to carve out a new career path in the tech industry.

The Value of Military Experience in Tech

a. Transitioning Challenges and Triumphs

Stewart Sharman, in his speech, articulated the inherent challenges in transitioning from military to civilian life. He emphasized, “Transitioning from the frontlines to civvy street does not come without difficulties, but FDM supported and enabled me to learn new skills and adapt my previous set.” His journey from a decorated military career to leading technological innovations underscores the versatility and adaptability of veterans.

b. Unleashing Potential in the Digital World

Sharman’s story is a testament to the immense potential ex-service individuals possess in the digital sector. The military’s ingrained values of precision, problem-solving, and dedication are powerful assets in the technology domain, empowering veterans to pioneer innovation and navigate new challenges.

c. Leadership, Discipline, and Teamwork

Rod Flavell, CEO of FDM Group, highlights the distinct advantages veterans bring to the business landscape. “Ex-forces personnel tend to be fortified by discipline, leadership, and unwavering commitment,” Flavell notes, adding that these qualities embed resilience, adaptability, and teamwork within businesses, often leading to success in unexpected ways.

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Recognitions and Awards: A Testament to Success

FDM Group’s Ex-Forces Programme hasn’t just made a mark within the organization but has also garnered acclaim and recognition externally. As recipients of the Gold Award from the UK Government’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme and a ranking in the Military Times Best for Vets Employers in 2022, the group has demonstrated a consistent and powerful commitment to harnessing the skills of veterans in the tech industry.

Empowering the Future

The future looks bright for FDM’s Ex-Forces Programme and the veterans it serves. As the tech industry continues to evolve and expand, the unique perspectives and skills of military veterans are increasingly being recognized as invaluable assets. With FDM Group’s continued support and investment in these skilled individuals, the path from the battlefield to the boardroom not only becomes viable but also lucrative for veterans and the tech industry alike.

For more information on FDM Group’s innovative Ex-Forces Programme and their broader mission of integrating military veterans into the tech sector, visit their website linked below.

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