Exploring Niger’s Top 10 Influential General Business Law Practitioners

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Welcome to Business Today News, your source for insights into the legal world of Niger. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting General Business Law lawyers in Niger. These lawyers have made their mark in the industry and are renowned for their expertise in various legal areas. Read on to learn more about these exceptional individuals and their contributions to the legal profession in Niger.

Daouda Samna – SCPA Mandela

Industry: General Business Law

Daouda Samna, based in Niamey, is widely considered by sources to be an excellent lawyer. With experience in OHADA-related matters, he has a broad remit comprising mandates in the corporate, employment, and finance spheres.

Yayé Mounkaila – Cabinet Mounkaila

Industry: General Business Law

Niamey-based Yayé Mounkaila possesses a strong track record in handling litigation. He is also highly skilled in banking matters.

Moustapha Boukari – Artémis & Partners

Industry: General Business Law

Moustapha Boukari, based in Niamey, is well regarded for his corporate advisory practice. He is often mandated by clients from the natural resources and telecoms sectors.

Boubacar Oumarou – SCPA BNI

Industry: General Business Law

Niamey-based Boubacar Oumarou is noted for his handling of public law matters in addition to commercial mandates. He currently serves as president of the Association of Lawyers of Niger.

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Ibrahim Djermakoye – Cabinet Ibrahim Djermakoye

Industry: General Business Law

Niamey-based Ibrahim Djermakoye is respected for his skills in non-contentious matters, with additional capabilities in dispute resolution. He often assists clients in the oil and gas, mining, and banking sectors.

Nassirou Lawali – Cabinet Lawconsult

Industry: General Business Law

Nassirou Lawali, based in Niamey, is a notable lawyer known for his tax practice and growing presence in the Niger market. He is also associated with the firm’s website at http://cabinetlawconsult.com/.

Seini Yayé – SCPA Mandela

Industry: General Business Law

Seini Yayé, a widely respected Niamey-based lawyer, has longstanding experience in public law. He also possesses a wealth of expertise in contentious matters.

Moussa Coulibaly – Cabinet Souna & Coulibaly>

Industry: General Business Law

Moussa Coulibaly is recognized as a longstanding lawyer in Niger. He frequently appears before the courts in litigation.

Bernard-Olivier Kouaovi – Cabinet Kouaovi>

Industry: General Business Law

Bernard-Olivier Kouaovi, based in Niamey, is widely regarded as an excellent lawyer with commercial expertise that spans employment and tax law. He is also knowledgeable on matters arising under OHADA.

Oumarou Mainassara – Cabinet d’Avocats Oumarou Mainassara>

Industry: General Business Law

Oumarou Mainassara is a respected lawyer based in Niamey, recognized for his prolific work on commercial matters.

Thank you for reading this showcase of the General Business Law lawyers in Niger. We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the legal landscape in Niger and highlighted the expertise of these exceptional lawyers. For more information, please visit their respective websites if available. Stay tuned for more updates from Business Today News.

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