Exploring Germany’s Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers in Trade Mark & Unfair Competition

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Germany’s thriving business sector has fostered a competitive landscape that requires thorough protection of intellectual property rights. Consequently, companies in Germany with large brand portfolios often seek legal advice on trade mark matters and unfair competition. Below we showcase ten respected German lawyers who specialize in this field, offering their clients top-tier advice, litigation, and management.

Trade marks, unfair competition and infringement procedures form the cornerstone of intellectual property (IP) law practices. They encompass a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, finance, fashion, automotive and sports. These seasoned attorneys excel in their areas of expertise, whether it’s managing extensive brand portfolios, tackling complex trade mark disputes, or advising on new market launches.

Let’s delve into more about these accomplished individuals who—through their extensive experience and expertise—are setting a high bar in Germany’s IP law sector.

Rainer Kaase – Harmsen Utescher

Rainer Kaase of Harmsen Utescher specializes in handling large brand portfolios and providing guidance on trade mark matters. Particularly prominent in the pharmaceutical and food industries, he offers invaluable advice within the context of new market launches.

Ralf Hackbarth – Klaka Rechtsanwälte

Renowned in the field, Ralf Hackbarth from Klaka Rechtsanwälte possesses extensive experience across various issues. Regularly he represents leading automotive manufacturing companies in international trade mark and unfair competition proceedings.

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Maximilian Kinkeldey – Grünecker

Maximilian Kinkeldey at Grünecker showcases expertise in trade mark infringement and opposition proceedings. His knowledge is not only valued by domestic brands but also esteemed by notable international brands.

Erhard Keller – Hogan Lovells International LLP

With a long-standing reputation, Erhard Keller of Hogan Lovells International frequently assists clients in enforcing IP rights. Additionally, he advises on product labelling and advertisement queries, demonstrating an extensive understanding of unfair competition and trade mark matters.

Stefan Völker – Gleiss Lutz

Stefan Völker from Gleiss Lutz demonstrates strength in trade mark disputes, including complex colour mark litigation. Beyond resolving disputes, he assists clients with trade mark registrations and offers advice on unfair competition, licensing, and branding issues.

Reinhard Ingerl – Lorenz Seidler Gossel

A profound name in the intellectual property market, Reinhard Ingerl from Lorenz Seidler Gossel is acknowledged as a solid trade mark litigator.

Uwe Lüken – Bird & Bird

Recognized trade mark practitioner, Uwe Lüken of Bird & Bird has experience handling disputes and managing trade mark portfolios. In addition, he also covers trade mark clearance topics and is known for his expertise in colour marks.

Andreas Schulz – Klaka Rechtsanwälte

Andreas Schulz at Klaka Rechtsanwälte is particularly active handling trade mark and unfair competition issues in the food sector. He also handles contentious trade mark matters for clients in the finance and fashion industries.

Siegfried Jackermeier – Lorenz Seidler Gossel

Siegfried Jackermeier from Lorenz Seidler Gossel has experience in unfair competition and trade mark infringement disputes.

Joseph Fesenmair – Bird & Bird

At Bird & Bird, Joseph Fesenmair tackles both contentious and non-contentious trade mark matters. He’s especially active in mandates in the automotive and sports sectors. His work areas include design law contracts, portfolio management and designation of origin disputes.

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All in all, these esteemed lawyers have made significant contributions in advancing the standards of German IP law practices. Possessing profound knowledge and diverse experience, they continue proving their mastery in navigating the complex landscape of trade mark and unfair competition laws. This in turn assures their clients in various industries of steadfast legal protection for their invaluable intellectual property.

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