Exploring El Salvador’s Top 10 Pioneers in Corporate Dispute Resolution

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El Salvador boasts a strong cadre of talented lawyers specializing in corporate and commercial dispute resolution. These legal experts have earned recognition for their exceptional skills and experience in handling complex cases. In this article, we highlight some of the most noteworthy lawyers practicing in this field in El Salvador.

Fernando Montano

Name: Fernando Montano

Firm: Arias

Firm Website: http://www.ariaslaw.com/

Description: Up-and-coming partner Fernando Montano continues to be praised for his expertise advising clients on dispute resolution matters in El Salvador. Clients say: “We completely trust Fernando Montano, who is an expert.” Another interviewee comments: “I would recommend Fernando Montano, who has solid knowledge in dispute resolution matters.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Carlos Ramos Contreras

Name: Carlos Ramos Contreras

Firm: Ramos y Asociados

Firm Website: None

Description: Seasoned practitioner Carlos Ramos Contreras continues to be recognised in El Salvador for his comprehensive abilities across the full spectrum of dispute resolution matters. According to a peer, “Carlos Ramos Contreras is a fabulous professional, with a brilliant and successful career. I have only good things to say about him.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Eduardo Ángel

Name: Eduardo Ángel

Firm: Arias

Firm Website: http://www.ariaslaw.com/

Description: Market-leading partner Eduardo Ángel leads the firm’s dispute resolution department and continues to be endorsed by the market for his stellar practice in El Salvador. Clients note: “We have enjoyed Eduardo Ángel’s solid commercial and legal advice through the years. He is a solid attorney.” A peer says: “Eduardo Ángel has very good management and negotiation skills.”

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Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Piero A Rusconi Gutiérrez

Name: Piero A Rusconi Gutiérrez


Firm Website: http://www.central-law.com/

Description: Piero Rusconi Gutiérrez is a very experienced practitioner who is highly praised and recognised in El Salvador for his activity in the dispute resolution sphere. An interviewee says: “Piero Rusconi Gutiérrez is a senior lawyer who has great management skills.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

César Ramos

Name: César Ramos

Firm: Consortium Legal

Firm Website: http://www.consortiumlegal.com/

Description: Experienced partner and head of department César Ramos continues to lead important commercial disputes, including litigation and arbitration proceedings in El Salvador. Commenting on his dispute resolution practice, a peer says: “César Ramos is a respected practitioner.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Oscar Mauricio Hurtado Saldaña

Name: Oscar Mauricio Hurtado Saldaña

Firm: LatamLex Abogados

Firm Website: http://www.latam-lex.com/Oficinas/elsalvador

Description: Partner and head of department Oscar Mauricio Hurtado Saldaña is recognised for his ability to represent clients in a wide range of dispute resolution cases in El Salvador. According to one of his peers, “Oscar Mauricio Hurtado Saldaña is an active lawyer in the dispute resolution practice.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Humberto Sáenz Marinero

Name: Humberto Sáenz Marinero

Firm: Novis Estudio Legal

Firm Website: https://novislegal.com/

Description: Leading practitioner Humberto Sáenz Marinero garners recognition for his relevant work within El Salvador’s dispute resolution market. Interviewees respect his expertise acting for clients in the area, with one peer noting: “Humberto Sáenz Marinero is a professional who has stood out in the arbitration practice, which is a good reflection of his experience in the dispute resolution arena. He is a great professional.”

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Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Salvador Enrique Anaya Barraza

Name: Salvador Enrique Anaya Barraza


Firm Website: None

Description: Salvador Enrique Anaya Barraza of ANAYA-SJE is renowned for his established capabilities advising on constitutional matters in El Salvador. A particularly impressed market commentator reports: “Salvador Enrique Anaya Barraza is very talented, especially in constitutional processes.” Another peer also attests to this standing: “He is very well known in the dispute resolution sphere.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Mario Enrique Sáenz

Name: Mario Enrique Sáenz

Firm: Sáenz & Asociados

Firm Website: http://www.saenzlaw.com/

Description: Founding partner and department co-head Mario Enrique Sáenz is lauded for his capabilities in high-profile disputes in El Salvador. Market commentators are quick to praise his work, with one peer mentioning: “Mario Enrique Sáenz is a prestigious lawyer.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

Ricardo Mena Guerra

Name: Ricardo Mena Guerra

Firm: IusPublik

Firm Website: http://iuspublik.com.sv/

Description: Well-regarded dispute resolution practitioner Ricardo Mena Guerra continues to be praised by market commentators for his knowledge of public law matters and is widely recognised for his presence in administrative litigation in El Salvador. One peer notes: “Ricardo Mena Guerra is very well respected for his professional acumen.”

Industry: Corporate/Commercial: Dispute Resolution

Location: El Salvador

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