Exploring Ecuador’s Top 10 Most Influential Corporate/Commercial Lawyers in 2022

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Ecuador, a country located in the northwestern part of South America, is home to a robust legal community. For foreign businesses and investors, navigating the corporate and commercial spheres in Ecuador can be challenging; however, the country has its share of influential lawyers who provide exceptional service in these areas. In this article, we highlight a few of the renowned corporate and commercial lawyers in Ecuador whose expertise and skill sets are highly recognized among domestic and international clients alike.

These lawyers have demonstrated exceptional technical knowledge and strong instincts in understanding how global trends affect the domestic market. They have received glowing testimonials from their clients who appreciate how they go beyond providing legal advice to offering strategic business insights. The lawyers featured in this article represent a variety of firms, showcasing the diversity of the Ecuadorian legal sector.

Corporate and commercial law mark the arteries of every nation’s economy. The lawyers outlined in this article have been instrumental in facilitating business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, and foreign direct investment procedures in Ecuador. Here are some of the top practitioners in the field.

Diego Romero Ponce

Currently a partner at Romero Arteta Ponce, Diego Romero Ponce is exemplary in the corporate and commercial arena in Ecuador. His clients sing praises of his aptitude, saying, “He is knowledgeable and he is always up-to-date when it comes in law” and highlighting his quickness and precision.

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Juan Felipe Bustamante

Juan Felipe Bustamante, a rising star at Bustamante Fabara, is skilled in assisting with corporate restructurings and foreign direct investment matters. Clients trust his guidance and advice, characterizing him as an accomplished partner.

Margoth Chiriboga

As the founding partner and co-head of department at Lexvalor Abogados, Margoth Chiriboga’s extensive experience helps her advise brokerage firms in the Ecuadorian banking and finance sector. Her robust commercial awareness and knowledge of corporate law make her a recognized figure in Ecuador.

Xavier Rosales-Kuri

Xavier Rosales-Kuri, the highly-praised partner at CorralRosales, handles multi-jurisdictional corporate and commercial mandates. With comprehensive legal knowledge and excellent criteria, he is seen by clients as an indispensable business ally.

Martín Pallares Sevilla

Partner at ROBALINO, Martin Pallares is known for advising on M&A and private equity projects. Clients applaud his dedication, motivation, and solution-oriented approach.

Juan Carlos Bustamante

Senior statesperson at Bustamante Fabara, Juan Carlos Bustamante, has a longstanding practice advising on complex cross-border transactions, establishing an excellent professional reputation and exceptional personal character.

Gustavo Romero Ponce

Partner at Romero Arteta Ponce, Gustavo Romero Ponce’s knowledge and experience make him an indispensable asset in the corporate and commercial scene in Ecuador.

Juan Manuel Marchán

Juan Manuel Marchán, partner at Pérez Bustamante & Ponce, is applauded by clients for his in-depth expertise in transactional and non-transactional matters. Clients praise his sharp negotiation skills, quick and accurate solutions, and efficiency.

Andrés Brown Pérez

Andrés Brown Pérez serves as director at Pérez Bustamante & Ponce. Clients laud his strong service and timely support, alongside his lifetime experience working abroad.

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José Rafael Bustamante Crespo

Working at Bustamante Fabara, José Rafael Bustamante Crespo is a legal practitioner who boasts strong expertise in complex corporate issues. He regularly advises clients about transaction structuring, foreign direct investment, and antitrust matters, thereby earning an excellent reputation among peers and clients alike.

In conclusion, these lawyers stand out for their depth of knowledge, technical expertise and ability to provide strategic advice that goes beyond simple legal counsel. Whether supporting clients on complex transactions or day-to-day business operations, they remain at the top of their field in Ecuador’s corporate and commercial legal sector.

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