Exploring 10 Most Influential General Business Laws with Georgia’s Top Lawyers

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Georgia is home to many top tier law firms employing lawyers who are market leaders in the general business law industry. These lawyers are tasked with advising on complex corporate mandates, providing expert advice on significant acquisitions, financing and capital markets matters, as well as skillfully handling litigation in domestic and international arbitration cases and commercial disputes. These exceptional lawyers don’t just apply their legal knowledge, they understand the business environment of their clients and provide legal solutions that create commercial value for their clients. Let’s explore the stellar expertise and experience of some of these fine lawyers.

While each of these lawyers has vast experience in corporate and business matters, their expertise spans unique industries, such as banking, TMT, and real estate. Not only do these lawyers deftly navigate practical matters of commercial law, but they also employ their understanding of intricate industry-specific challenges to provide tailored legal advice for their clients. Their comprehensive legal services are valued by a wide range of clients and are sure to serve as useful reference points for emerging business law practitioners.

From managing important acquisitions and overseeing project financing, to masterfully handling corporate restructuring matters and international disputes, and providing guidance on capital markets matters, these lawyers contribute enormously to Georgia’s business law environment. Their unique backgrounds and areas of focus within the sphere of business law have earned them strong reputations and significant recognition in the industry.

Avto Svanidze

Considered a market-leading practitioner, Avto Svanidze of Dentons Georgia advises on significant acquisitions as well as financing, capital markets and corporate restructuring matters. His clients come from a range of industries including banking, TMT and real estate. He is also UK and Georgian-qualified.

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Ketti Kvartskhava

Managing partner Ketti Kvartskhava is a market-leading lawyer with a broad range of experience in transactional matters as well as project financing. She also carries great respect for her litigation expertise, uncovering experience in international arbitration cases and domestic commercial disputes.

Alexander Bolkvadze

Broad is the best word to describe Alexander Bolkvadze’s legal expertise, having extensive knowledge in a range of corporate and financial matters.

Ana Rekhviashvili

Off the back of strong market support, Ana Rekhviashvili has been recognised for her advisory role on a range of commercial and corporate as well as capital markets matters.

Zaza Bibilashvili

Known for his experience in transactional matters and corporate restructurings, Zaza Bibilashvili handles clients from industries such as energy and TMT. Zaza also holds a strong reputation for skillfully handling commercial disputes.

Lasha Gogiberidze

Lasha Gogiberidze shines among practitioners, famed for his handling of corporate and financing matters within industries including banking, construction, and energy. His client’s portfolio includes international financial institutions and investment funds.

Sophie Panjikidze

Sophie Panjikidze advises on a range of corporate and commercial matters, including due diligence, employment, and IP issues.

Sandro Bibilashvili

Sandro Bibilashvili, also under BGI Legal, regularly advises on a range of corporate matters. He is an expert in advising investors on financing energy construction projects, plus he’s a whizz in handling various commercial disputes.

Giorgi Batlidze

Giorgi Batlidze is renowned for advising on corporate mandates. He works across a range of financing and capital markets mandates, and is equally adept at handling contentious mandates, including arbitration.

Victor Kipiani

Victor Kipiani is a prominent senior partner. Being a market-leading practitioner he has vast experience across a range of sectors under the broad heading of corporate business law. His area also extends to cover capital markets mandates.

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In sum, these stellar business law practitioners in Georgia are not only making impacts in their specific domains but are also contributing to the overall growth and evolution of the country’s legal landscape. Each of them brings a unique understanding of the law and its application, making them valuable assets to their respective law firms as well as the companies they serve. In a rapidly changing business environment, their expertise and insight are likely to be even more sought after in the years to come.

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