Exploring 10 Major Energy & Infrastructure Lawyers Shaping Vietnam’s Legal Landscape

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Vietnam is a hot-bed of exciting and innovative projects in the infrastructure and energy industries. Among the many professionals driving this dynamic sector, lawyers are playing an absolutely pivotal role. In this feature, we introduce ten top-notch lawyers based in Vietnam who are making waves in the realms of projects, infrastructure, and energy.

These legal experts have provided instrumental assistance in navigating intricate regulatory landscapes, supporting high-value transactions, and managing intricate equity and debt issuances. Despite the cyclical nature of the infrastructure and energy industries, these lawyers, with their unique expertise and experience, continue to support vital organizations and institutions in Vietnam.

Read on to learn more about each of these personalities, their professional journey, and their contributions to the various projects and initiatives.

Martin Desautels

Martin Desautels, a standout figure at DFDL, is recognized for his deep knowledge of the sector and his effective client support in energy and infrastructure projects. His robust expertise in the field has been shaping important projects significantly in Vietnam.

Phong Tran

As a founding partner of VILAF, based in Hanoi, Phong Tran has been a guiding force for Vietnamese corporates and banks on equity and debt issuances. His actions have positively influenced both domestic and international clients, including those listed on the SGX.

Tran Anh Duc

Duc Tran, a partner in Allen & Overy’s Ho Chi Minh City office, dazzles with his legal prowess in banking transactions. Lending his valuable advice to international lenders and Vietnamese corporates on cross-border matters, he has often been a contributing agent in myriad noteworthy deals.

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Melissa Keane

Based in Melbourne and a partner at Allens, Melissa Keane’s sphere of influence extends all the way to Vietnam where she is known for her advisory role on a range of oil and gas plus renewable energy projects. Her broad international client base vouches for her proficiency and versatility.

Ben Shorten

Operating from Shearman & Sterling’s London office, Ben Shorten has been a constant in representing banks, ECAs, and sponsors on high-value power projects in Vietnam, reiterating his commitment to the geographical area and the segment.

Duyen Ha Vo

Duyen Ha Vo’s influence in the financing of acquisitions, projects, and assets certainly cannot go unnoticed in Vietnam. Based in Ho Chi Minh City and associated with VILAF, this energetic lawyer caters to an extensive range of international and domestic banks and corporates.

Adam Moncrieff

Adam Moncrieff is the managing partner at Allen & Overy in Vietnam. Rooted in Ho Chi Minh City, he brings over two decades’ worth of banking transactions insight to the table. He is widely regarded for his work in intricate acquisition and project finance matters, acting primarily for lenders.

Oliver Massmann, Ph.D.

A partner at Duane Morris Vietnam LLC, Oliver Massmann aids clients with a myriad of corporate affairs, such as acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, along with antitrust facets of transactions. His expertise in the sphere is widely respected and sought after.

Net Le

Net Le, a partner at LNT & Partners, boasts a strong client base consisting of top Vietnamese corporates and foreign firms, including those from the pharmaceutical sector. His influence and leadership substantially enhance the firm’s portfolio.

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Nguyen Viet Ha

Partner at Lexcomm Vietnam LLC, Nguyen Viet Ha is identified for his infrastructure and energy projects expertise based in Hanoi. His assistance in supply agreements, project finance, and M&A relating to coal-fired power plants and renewable energy is regarded highly.

These ten Vietnamese lawyers have been instrumental in shaping the projects, infrastructure, and energy industries in Vietnam, using their knowledge and expertise to drive forward both domestic and international projects. Their work significantly impacts the way we view Vietnam’s place in these industries, and as such, they are well-deserving of recognition and commendation.

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