Exploring 10 Esteemed Lawyers Behind Influential Estonian Dispute Resolutions

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Estonia’s legal market is rich with highly skilled dispute resolution experts whose expertise spans a diverse range of industries, including business, labour, construction, intellectual property, and white-collar crime. These lawyers stand out for their concrete understanding of both national and global legal nuances. They have also contributed significantly in shaping the country’s legal landscape. Whether it’s assisting clients with contentious employment mandates, handling white-collar crime-related disputes, or negotiating complex commercial agreements, they have proven their mettle time and again.

The value of a good dispute resolution lawyer cannot be underestimated, particularly in the business world. It not only assists companies in avoiding costly litigation but also enables them to focus on their core business activities. Here, we present ten of Estonia’s influential dispute resolution lawyers – their firms, experience, and significant contributions toward the field.

Please note that the following lawyers are listed in no particular order. Each is recognized for their unique individual offerings and the remarkable contributions they make in their respective fields of law.

Arne Ots

Ellex Raidla

Arne Ots is a well-respected figure in the employment market, frequently assisting with contentious employment mandates. Being a part of Ellex Raidla boosts his position in dispute resolution in Estonia.

Erki Kergandberg

Renowned as a premier disputes lawyer, Erki Kergandberg is a part of WALLESS team, with strong experience in handling critical disputes related to white-collar crime. He also carries an impressive portfolio in litigation matters in the energy sector.

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Carri Ginter


An eminent presence in dispute resolution segment, Carri Ginter is known for dealing with a variety of cases, including contentious public procurement, employment, and contractual disputes.

Raiko Lipstok

Eversheds Sutherland Ots & Co

Known for his expertise in handling construction and contractual disputes, Raiko Lipstok also has experience in administrative, intellectual property, and public procurement litigation.

Jaanus Mody


Jaanus Mody, a managing partner and head of department, is a leading figure in the dispute resolution market. He is especially known for his dexterity in handling shareholder disputes.

Aivar Pilv

LEADELL Pilv Advokaadiburoo AS

A well-established name in contentious matters, Aivar Pilv has a strong focus and track record in white-collar crime cases. He also represents clients in contractual and shareholder disputes and employment litigation.

Toomas Vaher

Ellex Raidla

Highly ranked in Estonia, Toomas Vaher is active in international arbitration cases, either acting as counsel or arbitrator. He has a strong focus on bankruptcy proceedings and administrative litigation.

Allar Jõks


A notable name in the Estonian disputes market, Allar Jõks specializes in regulatory and administrative disputes. He also assists clients with intellectual property cases.

Andreas Veeret


Andreas Veeret handles diverse disputes, which range from bankruptcies, contractual litigation, to real estate-related conflicts. He also advises on liability disputes and white-collar crime cases.

Pirkka-Marja Põldvere

LEADELL Pilv Advokaadiburoo AS

Pirkka-Marja Põldvere is the co-head of the department and consistently visible in commercial disputes. She also represents clients in bankruptcy proceedings and construction litigation.

These dispute resolution lawyers have been instrumental in driving Estonia’s reputation as a favourable business environment, based on the rule of law, and firmly represents the country’s advancement towards a more robust business-legal framework.

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