Electrifying the UK: Brits’ Top Electric Cars of 2023 Revealed

Charging Ahead: The UK’s Shift to Electric Vehicles Gains Momentum

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  • Toyota Yaris Dominates: The Toyota Yaris emerges as the UK’s preferred electric vehicle, leading in registrations from January to September 2023.
  • Hybrid Popularity Soars: Petrol-based hybrid electric vehicles account for nearly half of all low-emission vehicle registrations in the same period.
  • Electric Surge: Electric vehicles represent 46% of all new car registrations in the UK, signaling a significant shift towards greener transportation.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution in the UK

In 2023, the UK witnessed a remarkable surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, with the Toyota Yaris taking the crown as the most favored electric car among Brits. This trend highlights a growing enthusiasm for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation options.

Brits’ Electric Preferences

Leading the Charge: Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris, renowned for its efficiency and reliability, topped the charts with 33,860 registrations, becoming the go-to choice for eco-conscious UK drivers. The Nissan Qashqai followed closely, underscoring the popularity of hybrid vehicles in the region.

The Rise of Hybrids

Petrol-based hybrid electric vehicles captured a significant market share, with 48.4% of low-emission vehicles registered being hybrids. This preference indicates a transitional phase towards fully electric cars, with hybrids serving as a practical midpoint for consumers.

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Electric Cars Gain Traction

Electric cars made up 46% of all new registrations, with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) like the Tesla Model Y gaining popularity. This shift towards battery-powered cars marks a pivotal moment in the UK’s journey towards sustainable transportation.

The Top Electric Vehicles in the UK

The Best of Electric and Hybrid

  • Toyota Yaris led the electric and hybrid categories, reflecting its broad appeal.
  • Nissan Qashqai and Tesla Model Y also featured prominently, highlighting the diverse range of electric vehicles appealing to UK drivers.

Market Trends and Consumer Choices

The data reveals a clear preference for hybrid and fully electric vehicles, with models like the Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage also making the top list. This diversity in choice reflects the UK market’s gradual shift from traditional petrol and diesel engines to more sustainable alternatives.

The Future of Electric Mobility in the UK

Infrastructure and Adoption

The growth in electric car registrations aligns with the expansion of the UK’s charging infrastructure and the broader adoption of electric vehicles. The increase in ULEVs, particularly in urban areas like London, suggests a significant move towards reducing carbon emissions and enhancing air quality.

Cost Considerations and Insurance

While electric cars offer cheaper running costs, they currently come with higher insurance premiums due to factors like parts availability and specialized repair needs. However, as the electric market matures, these costs are expected to decrease, making EVs more accessible.


The shift towards electric vehicles in the UK is gaining momentum, with the Toyota Yaris leading the charge. As the market continues to evolve, consumers are increasingly embracing electric and hybrid cars, driven by a desire for more sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions. This trend is set to reshape the UK’s automotive landscape, steering it towards a greener, more electric future.

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