Disrupting Industrial Quality Control: Startup’s Game-Changing AI Acoustic Solution!

RESONIKS Emerges with Strong Backing and a Mission to Revolutionize Metal Manufacturing

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Key Takeaways:

  • SUPPLYZ rebrands to RESONIKS, securing a significant investment from Nordic tech investor Kvanted.
  • RESONIKS focuses on automating quality control in metal manufacturing with AI-powered acoustic solutions.
  • The startup’s innovative approach is set to transform the industry, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Introduction: A New Era in Industrial Technology

In a significant development in the industrial sector, the startup formerly known as SUPPLYZ has rebranded itself as RESONIKS. This strategic move coincides with the closure of a seed investment round, marking a new chapter in the company’s journey towards revolutionizing quality control in metal manufacturing.

RESONIKS: A Fresh Identity and Mission

The Rebranding Journey

The rebranding to RESONIKS reflects a shift in focus from general supply chain solutions to a specialized approach in quality control. The name, a neologism combining ‘resonance’ and ‘Akustik’ (German for acoustics), underscores the startup’s unique use of acoustic technology in its solutions.

Innovative Acoustic Solutions

RESONIKS harnesses the power of acoustics and artificial intelligence to detect anomalies in metal components. This novel approach resonates objects and analyzes their acoustic response, automating inspections that are traditionally monotonous and hazardous.

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The Investment Leap: Securing a Partnership with Kvanted

Kvanted’s Support and Vision

The 1.5 million euros seed investment round led by Kvanted, a Nordic industrial tech investor, marks a major milestone for RESONIKS. Kvanted’s backing, along with its mission to shape society through disruptive industrial solutions, aligns perfectly with RESONIKS’ goals.

A Mutual Commitment to Efficiency and Sustainability

Axel Ahlström, a founding partner of Kvanted, expresses enthusiasm for supporting RESONIKS in establishing new standards for quality control. Kvanted’s investment not only provides financial backing but also reflects a shared commitment to efficiency and sustainability in the industrial value chain.

Impact and Expansion: RESONIKS’ Road Ahead

Revolutionizing Industrial Processes

RESONIKS is poised to redefine quality control processes in key sectors like automotive and maritime. Their technology aims to identify defects that are invisible to both the human and machine eye, thereby reducing waste, saving energy, and fostering sustainable metal recycling.

Growth and Talent Acquisition

With its solution already implemented in factories and several product pre-orders, RESONIKS is on a growth trajectory. The startup is actively seeking new talent in hardware, software, and business development, offering opportunities in its multicultural offices in The Hague and Tampere.

The Founders’ Vision: Transforming Quality Control

A Team with a Mission

Founded by Felix Wassmann (CEO), Fabian Oberndorfer (CTO), and Isaac Kargar (CIO), the RESONIKS team brings over two decades of combined industry and startup experience. Their vision is to make manual quality inspections obsolete, leveraging technology to ensure that products meet stringent quality standards.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Industrial Quality Control

RESONIKS stands at the forefront of a significant shift in the industrial sector, with its AI-powered acoustic solutions set to transform quality control in metal manufacturing. Backed by Kvanted’s investment and driven by a talented team, RESONIKS is not just rebranding its identity but also redefining the standards of efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

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About RESONIKS: RESONIKS, a startup founded in 2022, specializes in innovative quality control solutions for the metal manufacturing industry. For more information on RESONIKS and its groundbreaking technology, visit RESONIKS website.

About Kvanted: Kvanted, established in 2023, is a pioneering investor in industrial technology, focusing on startups that drive sustainable industrial solutions. For more information on Kvanted and its investment approach, visit Kvanted website.

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