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2023: The Year of Smart Investing and Diverse Portfolios

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lightyear records an eightfold growth in 2023, underscoring the rising trend of proactive investing in Europe.
  • The company’s innovative approach led to a significant 20% month-on-month growth in assets under management (AUM).
  • Diversification and strategic investments in various sectors, including technology and healthcare, marked 2023’s investment landscape.

A Banner Year for Lightyear: Revolutionizing Investment in Europe

In 2023, Lightyear, a leading neobroker, experienced unprecedented growth, redefining retail and business investing across 22 European markets. The company reported a staggering eightfold increase in its operation, a testament to the changing dynamics in the world of investment. Customers, driven by the need to counter rising costs and inflation, turned to Lightyear, leading to a nearly 20% month-on-month increase in its assets under management from the previous year.

The Surge of Cash Investments: A New Trend

2023 witnessed a significant shift towards cash investments. The GBP interest rate, reaching a 15-year high, prompted investors to seek better returns on their savings. Lightyear reported that the average UK customer portfolio consisted of 26% uninvested cash throughout the year, a noticeable increase from 18% in 2022. The introduction of BlackRock Money Market Funds on the platform, yielding a 5.42% return, further accentuated this trend, with cash or cash-equivalent investments in customer portfolios soaring to 57%.

Portfolio Diversification: Hedging Against Market Volatility

Investors on Lightyear showed a keen interest in diversifying their portfolios in 2023. Over half of the UK customers (54%) maintained mixed portfolios, combining interest-earning cash with stocks and/or funds. The average portfolio return in the UK was an impressive 29%, outperforming the S&P 500 by 5%. Popular stocks included tech giants like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon, while Vanguard’s VUSA and iShares’ IUSA and IUKD were among the favored funds.

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2023: A Year of Product Innovation and Expansion

Lightyear didn’t just grow in terms of customer base and assets; 2023 was also a year of significant product development and expansion. The company launched eight new products and features, including a web platform, exchange-traded commodities, and business investment accounts. It also expanded its reach to Croatia and Hungary, building on its 2022 expansion across the Eurozone.

Expert Opinions: Validating Lightyear’s Success

Nicole Quinn, a Partner at Lightspeed, highlighted the challenges of 2023 and praised Lightyear’s ability to navigate them successfully, noting the company’s consistent growth in AUM and impressive execution capability. Martin Sokk, Co-founder and CEO of Lightyear, reflected on the year’s achievements, emphasizing the company’s responsiveness to market changes and commitment to making Lightyear the go-to platform for building future wealth and investing in Europe.

Looking Ahead: Lightyear’s Vision for 2024

As one of Europe’s fastest-moving brokerages, Lightyear is setting ambitious goals for 2024. The firm plans to continue investing in technology that gives its customers a competitive edge and expand its product lines to include tax-advantaged accounts and a broader range of stocks and funds.

In Conclusion: A Milestone Year for Lightyear and European Investing

2023 marked a turning point in how Europeans approach investing. Lightyear’s innovative strategies and diverse portfolio offerings have not only reshaped the investment landscape but also paved the way for a more informed and strategic approach to wealth building.


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