Discover 10 Predominant Corporate Lawyers Shaping Bolivia’s Law Scene in 2023

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In the corporate and commercial sector of law, a handful of Bolivian lawyers stand out due to their remarkable prowess, business acumen, and experience. From the most esteemed to those breaking into the market with significant impact, their impressive portfolios reflect their dedication, prudence, and knack for handling complex transactions and cases. The following ten solicitors, who all specialise in corporate and commercial law, are increasingly shaping and influencing Bolivia’s legal landscape.

Their spectrum of services and expertise spans from strategic acquisitions, multi-jurisdictional M&A transactions, corporate restructuring, share purchase agreements, regulatory compliance to offering operational advice and legal counsel. Dive into our comprehensive list that comprises not only their brief professional bios but valuable client feedback as well. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to these stellar Bolivian attorneys.

These accomplished legal professionals are spread across several respected firms in Bolivia, each possessing varied specialties and skills. Working at the forefront of complex, challenging projects, they ensure that their clients’ interests and rights are always protected and well-served.

Iver Von Borries

Wayar & Von Borries Abogados S.C. houses Iver von Borries, who is highly regarded for his ability to dissect intricate transactions and offer practical solutions. A dynamic partner, his strong business acumen is commended by clients.

Teddy Mercado Carrión

An upcoming partner at Moreno Baldivieso, Teddy Mercado Carrión is celebrated for his breadth of knowledge and diligent work ethic. Clients depend heavily on Teddy’s advice and admire his readiness to rise to the occasion.

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Mauricio Costa du Rels

Mauricio Costa du Rels is a well-known figure in the Bolivian corporate sector. Based at Würth Bedoya Costa du Rels, he regularly counsels clients from various sectors on diverse issues ranging from EPC contracts to corporate restructuring, earning high regard for his profound understanding of Bolivian law and robust business acumen.

Daniel Arredondo

Daniel Arredondo is a formidable lawyer with a strong presence in Bolivia’s corporate sphere. Serving at Moreno Baldivieso, he is well-positioned to help clients with large cross-border M&A transactions, regulatory matters, and company incorporations. Above all, what makes him stand out is his keen commercial awareness and exceptional client service.

Ana Carola Muñoz

An emerging partner, Ana Carola Muñoz, is based in Indacochea & Asociados. Her invaluable contributions to corporate matters draw substantial attention and admiration, with clients commending her excellent operational advice and expressing complete confidence in her work.

Fernando Aguirre

Renowned for his extensive experience, Fernando Aguirre from Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Sociedad Civil – BAQSN maintains his stand as an influential figure in the Bolivian corporate scene, specializing in providing advice on corporate governance to companies in the mining sector.

Fernando Bedoya Alipaz

Fernando Bedoya Alipaz, a rising partner at Würth Bedoya Costa du Rels, is celebrated for his exceptional expertise in advising clients on the regulatory aspects of corporate transactions. His negotiation skills, intelligence, and significant experience handling M&A transactions win him praises from clients.

Alonso Indacochea P de Z

Notable partner Alonso Indacochea of Indacochea & Asociados often advises on strategic acquisitions and closing operations and assists with corporate restructurings and regulatory compliance. Clients applaud him for his dynamic problem-solving ability, and his prowess as a corporate lawyer is highly recognized.

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Luis Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez

Adept partner Luis Fernando Moreno Gutiérrez from Moreno Baldivieso is an expert in handling shareholder agreements, M&A transactions, and regulatory compliance. Commended for his stellar service, Luis is often the go-to partner for his clients in Santa Cruz.

Ramiro Guevara

Senior statesman Ramiro Guevara from Dentons Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C. is admired for his remarkable practice in the corporate and commercial sector. He’s often referred to as a point of reference in the Bolivian commercial arena, with clients lauding his brilliance and excellence.

In conclusion, these exceptional lawyers are a testament to Bolivia’s thriving legal industry, standing out for their individual expertise and contributions to the corporate and commercial law field.

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