Cylera Tops the Charts in Connected Medical Device Security: A Technological Breakthrough

Revolutionizing Healthcare Security: How Cylera Emerged as a Leader in IoT Security Solutions

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Market Leadership: Cylera distinguished as a top provider in healthcare IoT security, setting a new standard in the industry.
  2. Advanced Technology: Cylera’s platform offers unparalleled depth of visibility and accuracy in IoT and connected medical device security.
  3. Enhanced Patient Care: The focus on IoT asset intelligence and security underscores Cylera’s commitment to optimizing patient care and privacy.

Introduction: A New Era in Healthcare Security

In a landmark achievement, Cylera, a leader in healthcare IoT asset intelligence and security, has been recognized as a top technology leader in the SPARK Matrix™: Connected Medical Device Security Solutions report by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. This recognition reflects Cylera’s significant impact on customer service and technological excellence.

Cylera’s Trailblazing Success

Ranked highly in the Customer Impact category, Cylera has been identified as one of the leading global providers in connected medical device security. The company’s platform is praised for its ability to discover, categorize, inventory, risk assess, and monitor a large and diverse volume of healthcare IoT and connected medical devices. Customers have noted at least 15% greater IoMT coverage by Cylera compared to other vendors.

Key Insights from the SPARK Matrix Report

The SPARK Matrix report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global connected medical device security solutions industry. It covers market dynamics, trends, vendor landscapes, and competitive positioning. Cylera’s positioning as a market leader is based on its comprehensive healthcare IoT security technology, high-fidelity intelligence, risk scoring, and integrated threat mitigation.

Cylera’s Cutting-Edge Platform

Cylera’s SaaS-based platform is scalable and extensible, supporting hospitals and larger networks managing multiple facilities across regions and countries. It has been rated best overall for customer experience, noted for its ease of use and rapid deployment.

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Customers’ Perspectives

Customers have expressed concerns about managing attacks and risks related to operational, privacy, and reputation aspects in their IoT and IoMT assets. Cylera addresses these concerns effectively, as highlighted by the increasing cyber threats targeting the healthcare sector.

Innovative Features and Capabilities

  • Accurate Risk Profiling: Cylera offers more precise risk profiling and scoring with less alert fatigue.
  • Granular Device Details: The platform provides detailed device information, including SBOM, vulnerability, risk, and utilization metrics.
  • Improved Security Posture: Cylera’s platform eliminates operational and process gaps in IoMT inventory, vulnerability, and threat management.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The platform aligns with standards-based risk analysis of healthcare IoT devices, meeting regulatory requirements such as the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).
  • Zero Trust Support: Cylera enables accurate IoT/IoMT device micro-segmentation, supporting Zero Trust initiatives.
  • Analytics for Optimal Resource Utilization: The platform offers extensive usage telemetry to ensure patient care availability and informed budget decisions.

A Word from the Leaders

Timur Ozekcin, Co-founder & CEO of Cylera, expressed pride in being recognized as a leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™. He emphasized Cylera’s commitment to optimizing healthcare resources, resilience, capacity, and savings, ultimately protecting patients’ health and privacy.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Healthcare Security

Cylera’s recognition in the SPARK Matrix™ report highlights its commitment to advancing healthcare security. By providing innovative solutions that enhance patient care and privacy, Cylera sets a new standard in the industry.

Learn More About Cylera

To understand how Cylera is fortifying patient care and accelerating resiliency in healthcare, and to explore customer case studies, visit Cylera’s website.

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About Cylera and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Cylera provides a top-tier platform for healthcare IoT asset intelligence and security. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global advisory and consulting firm focused on strategic business and growth advisory services.

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