Company Showcase Sunrun: Revolutionizing Solar Energy

Revolutionary solar service providing affordable clean energy.

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For homeowners who want to save money on their electric bill and reduce their carbon footprint, Sunrun provides a revolutionary solution. As a leading provider of residential solar electricity and solar power services, the company has created a solar service model that allows homeowners to pay for the power, not the panels. In this company showcase, we’ll delve into how Sunrun is changing the game by making solar energy more accessible and affordable to the masses.

The Beginning of the Revolution

In 2007, Edward Fenster, Lynn Jurich, and Nat Kreamer co-founded Sunrun with the vision of making solar energy accessible to the masses. Their mission was simple: to create a more sustainable and affordable future by providing homeowners with the option to switch to solar power. The company gained widespread recognition and investment, and by 2014, it had surpassed 50,000 customers.

How Solar Service Works

The solar service model invented by Sunrun takes away the hassle and burden of installing, maintaining, and monitoring a solar panel system. The company owns, installs, and operates each system itself, while homeowners pay for the power it produces at a low, locked-in rate. This model makes solar power more accessible and affordable for homeowners and eliminates the need for upfront costs and maintenance fees.

Sunrun’s Expanding Footprint

With operations in twelve states, Sunrun has brought solar power to homeowners in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Connecticut. Its network of over 30 solar installers employs more than 3,000 people, making it one of the largest residential solar power providers in the United States.

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Saving the Earth, One Roof at a Time

Sunrun’s impact extends beyond just saving homeowners’ wallets. The company’s net carbon savings are equivalent to planting over six million trees each year, according to its website. With over 255,000 customers benefiting from solar power, Sunrun has facilitated a significant reduction in carbon emissions and helped make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

Innovation at Its Heart

Sunrun’s innovative culture has led to the invention of new services and technologies to benefit its customers. One example is Sunrun Brightbox, a unique solar battery service that enables homeowners to store excess energy from their solar panels, which can be used during a power outage or when the sun is not shining.

Final Thoughts

Sunrun has revolutionized the way homeowners can access and benefit from solar power. With its solar service model, network of installers, and range of innovative solar products, the company has created a sustainable future while saving homeowners money. As solar energy demands continue to rise, Sunrun continues to lead the way in providing reliable, affordable, and efficient solar power services.


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