Clean Cells Unveils Cutting-Edge Production Suites: Doubling Capacity for Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Leading the Charge in Biopharmaceutical Advancements

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Are you ready for a game-changing leap in the world of biopharmaceuticals? Clean Cells, a leading provider of biopharmaceutical product quality control services and manufacturer of starting materials, has just opened its state-of-the-art production suites, effectively doubling its capacity. In a world where speed and reliability are paramount, Clean Cells is poised to revolutionize the industry. Buckle up for an inside look at their latest venture!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Clean Cells expands its production capacity with nine Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade BSL2 laboratories.
  2. The new facility allows for a twofold increase in the production and characterization of cell and virus banks.
  3. Clean Cells aims to provide greater flexibility and faster project turnaround times for its customers, ultimately accelerating the delivery of novel treatments.

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Subtitle: Leading the Charge in Biopharmaceutical Advancements

A Quantum Leap in Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Montaigu-Vendée, near Nantes, France, November 27, 2023 – Clean Cells, a key player in the biopharmaceutical industry and part of the Clean Biologics group, has made a monumental stride forward in biopharmaceutical innovation. With the launch of its new production suites, housed in a facility inaugurated in January 2023, Clean Cells is set to redefine the landscape of biopharmaceutical production.

These cutting-edge suites nearly double Clean Cells’ portfolio of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities, bringing the total count to nine. This expansion is a game-changer, significantly increasing the company’s capacity for the production and characterization of cell and virus banks. With a total production area of 638 square meters, Clean Cells is primed to meet the growing demand for its services.

Empowering Speed and Reliability

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The significance of Clean Cells’ expansion lies in its ability to provide greater flexibility and faster project turnaround times to its customers. Cell and virus banks represent the cornerstone of bioproduction processes, ensuring the safety and stability of biological products through rigorous testing procedures. They are pivotal to the success of biopharmaceutical production projects.

Lucy Thulot, Head of Production at Clean Cells, exclaims, “We are delighted to launch operations in our BSL2 production suites. These new facilities will enable us to respond better to the growing demand from our customers, while at the same time delivering the agility and flexibility that our partners have come to expect from us. Our new equipment allows us to offer our biopharmaceutical customers, biotechnology companies, CDMOs, and CROs a service that is both reliable and customizable.”

Clean Cells is committed to being a one-stop-shop, offering comprehensive services that cater to every stage of a project, from the production of cell and virus banks to full characterization. This holistic approach ensures that novel treatments can reach patients sooner.

Setting Industry Standards

Clean Cells’ new production suites are subject to continuous environmental and equipment monitoring to ensure compliance with both GMP and other regulatory requirements. The company’s facilities encompass various zones, including a GMP-grade zone, non-GMP or feasibility laboratory space, and ample storage areas equipped with cutting-edge technology.

François Pedelaborde, Head of Sales at Clean Cells, emphasizes, “With over two decades of experience in cell and virus production, Clean Cells leverages its new cutting-edge facilities, comprehensive characterization services, and secure long-term storage solutions to position itself as a trusted partner in the production and characterization of integrated cell and virus banks.”

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A Vision for the Future

Clean Cells doesn’t plan to stop at expanding its GMP-grade suites. The company has its sights set on new horizons, including clonal selection, to support its customers even earlier in the pharmaceutical development process. As a testament to its growth, Clean Cells intends to recruit additional staff to bolster its cell and virus bank activities.

About Clean Cells

Clean Cells, a subsidiary of Clean Biologics, is at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation. With a focus on quality control, biological safety tests, and the production of cell banks and GMP-grade BSL2 virus seed stock, Clean Cells has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the development of novel treatments and personalized medicine. The company’s transparency, customer-centric approach, and adaptable processes make it a key player in the industry.

Headquartered near Nantes, France, Clean Cells employs a dedicated team of 133 staff members.

For more information, visit Clean Cells’ official website.

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