Champions of Environmental Justice – UK-wide Claimant Lawyers Fighting for a Greener Future

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In an era defined by growing environmental concerns, the role of lawyers in safeguarding our planet has become increasingly vital. The UK is fortunate to have a talented and passionate group of legal professionals dedicated to championing environmental causes. These claimant lawyers work tirelessly to hold governments, corporations, and institutions accountable for their impact on the environment. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most prominent Environment: Claimant lawyers in the UK, who are at the forefront of this noble fight for a greener future.

Daniel Leader – Leigh Day

Daniel Leader, an esteemed member of the international department at Leigh Day, has earned a reputation for representing clients in large-scale group actions and mass tort claims. His expertise extends to cross-border cases, where he adeptly advises communities in the developing world. With an unwavering commitment to environmental justice, Daniel Leader plays a pivotal role in ensuring the voices of those affected by environmental harm are heard and justice is served.

Lisa Foster – Richard Buxton Solicitors

Lisa Foster, a partner at Richard Buxton Solicitors, stands out for her profound knowledge of heritage protection and conservation issues, especially concerning listed buildings. She tirelessly advocates for clients in claims against local governments and regulators. Lisa Foster’s dedication to preserving the nation’s cultural and environmental heritage reinforces the importance of safeguarding our shared legacy for future generations.

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Paul Taylor – Richard Buxton Solicitors

With an extensive understanding of all environmental law matters, Paul Taylor represents a diverse range of clients, including private individuals and protection groups. His practice covers nuisance disputes and judicial reviews, ensuring that the rights of individuals and communities are protected. Paul Taylor’s expertise contributes to the ongoing pursuit of environmental justice in the UK.

Richard Buxton – Richard Buxton Solicitors

Richard Buxton has a wealth of experience pursuing environmental claims on behalf of clients. He advises on a broad array of matters including pollution and nuisance issues, and is further known for his work challenging government decisions. Richard Buxton’s dedication to environmental causes reinforces his position as a leading advocate for justice in the field.

Kate Harrison – Harrison Grant Ring

Kate Harrison is well respected for her claimant-side environment practice. She pursues claims on behalf of charities and campaign groups, handling public interest cases including judicial review proceedings. Kate Harrison’s unwavering commitment to protecting the environment drives her efforts to ensure a sustainable and just future.


The UK is fortunate to have a dedicated group of Environment: Claimant lawyers who are passionate about protecting the environment and advocating for justice. These legal professionals play a crucial role in holding accountable those responsible for environmental harm, ensuring that the voices of affected communities are heard, and fighting for a sustainable and just future.

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