Canada’s Top 10 Influential International Trade Lawyers of 2023 Unveiled

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The complexities of international trade law prompt businesses to seek legal expertise in the World Trade Organization (WTO) field, due to the ability to navigate and interpret the implications of international treaties and agreements. This inevitable necessity has given birth to a professional breed of lawyers who are well acquainted and versed in international trade law, especially in the context of the WTO. In Canada, a country with a strong trading economy, there are a cadre of such accomplished lawyers who have made enormous strides in their respective field. Let’s delve into the career profiles of some of these distinguished international trade/WTO lawyers in Canada.

Immense experience, adaptability, diversity and noteworthiness all ensure that these lawyers bring the perfect blend of tactical manoeuvring and legal prowess in the dynamics of international trade law and WTO regulations. They represent a variety of key players in the industry, from domestic to international manufacturers, key exporters, foreign governments and a myriad of leading North American producers. Their expertise spans the spectrum of international trade law, sanctions, export controls and anti-corruption compliance. Their work does not only revolve around the courtroom but also within the confines of astute advisory roles.

The roles that these professionals play in steering their clients in the treacherous waters of international trade/WTO law cannot be overstated. They provide not only in-depth knowledge of international trade law and its intersection with politics, but also provide excellent service and advice. The consolidation of a substantial understanding of the law with pointers towards pragmatic responses is highly lauded. Let’s dive a little deeper into the profiles and accomplishments of each lawyer.

Jesse I Goldman

Jesse I Goldman is a prominent trade law expert based in Toronto and is associated with Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. Known for his solid work and thorough knowledge of subsidies in Canada, he has particularly notable expertise in trade remedies and dispute resolution. As part of his portfolio, he has successfully represented a significant number of foreign steel producers before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT).

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Christopher Cochlin

Lauded for his deep understanding of the intersection between international trade and politics, Christopher Cochlin is a distinguished trade lawyer acknowledged for both his representation of leading North American producers in petitions to the CITT and advising on trade policy reform. Particularly impressive is his representation of Canadian steel industry clients, along with significant involvement in the dairy products sector.

Brenda Swick

Brenda Swick of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP offers proficient advice in sanctions, export controls compliance and demonstrates a strong competency in trade dispute resolution. Based in the firm’s Toronto office, Swick has carved a niche for herself in providing actionable and competent guidance.

Gordon LaFortune

Gordon LaFortune, based in Ottawa with Woods, LaFortune LLP, brings significant advocacy experience to the table, representing clients in various international agreements including the USMCA and GATT.

John Boscariol

John Boscariol, at McCarthy Tétrault LLP, leads the firm’s international trade and investment department from Toronto. Highly applauded for his expertise in sanctions, export controls and anti-corruption compliance, he is praised for his practical, efficient responses and positive results.

Greg Kanargelidis

Greg Kanargelidis of Kanargelidis Global Trade & Customs Law is recognized for his broad practice in international trade, with exceptional expertise in customs audits and investigations. Commended for his experience and client-handling, he showcases a versatile breadth of knowledge in the field.

Daniel Hohnstein

Daniel Hohnstein, of Tereposky & DeRose LLP, is routinely engaged for advice on trade policy and representation in disputes, including before the WTO. Acclaimed for his pragmatic, solution-oriented approach, he has contributed significantly to both major domestic and international manufacturers as well as foreign governments.

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Benjamin Bedard

Benjamin Bedard, based in Ottawa, is a leading lawyer in the trade remedies field, representing clients before the CITT. His prestigious client list includes various big names in the steel production industry, winning him acclaim for his excellent service and advice.

Christopher Kent

Christopher Kent, a leading trade lawyer, is an eminent figure in the Canadian trade Bar who holds deep expertise in trade policy, including regulation and disputes. Catering to a wide array of industries, including agricultural products, consumer products and energy, he enjoys a significant client base.

Paul D Conlin

Paul Conlin, at Conlin Bedard LLP, continues to be recognised as an authority in trade policy and disputes. Engaged by an excellent portfolio of key domestic producers and exporters, Conlin is based in Ottawa with substantial experience in dealing with cross-border mandates.

In conclusion, these professional profiles present us with a glimpse of the extraordinary work being done in the field of international trade/WTO law by Canadians who have become renowned in their field. Their dedication and commitment shine as a testament to the evolving and dynamic nature of the law as it adapts to the new challenges in the ever-changing international trade scenario.

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