Canada Unseats China in the Race for Lithium-Ion Battery Supremacy

A Shift in Global Power Dynamics Revealed in Latest Battery Supply Chain Rankings

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Key Takeaways:

  • Canada dethrones China for the first time, taking the lead in BloombergNEF’s Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking, highlighting its comprehensive strengths across the supply chain.
  • North American policy initiatives, particularly the US Inflation Reduction Act, significantly impact regional supply chain dynamics, propelling the United States and Mexico to higher positions.
  • Southeast Asia, led by India and Indonesia, emerges as a rapidly developing player in the lithium-ion battery sector, while European countries show mixed progress and African nations boost their upstream capabilities.

In an unprecedented shift, Canada has emerged as the new frontrunner in the global lithium-ion battery supply chain, according to the fourth edition of BloombergNEF’s Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking. This landmark report assesses 30 countries on their capacity to cultivate a secure, dependable, and environmentally sustainable lithium-ion battery supply chain, employing 46 distinct metrics across five crucial categories.

Canada’s Ascension to the Top

Canada’s climb to the pinnacle of the ranking marks a historic moment, as China, a long-standing leader in the sector, falls to second place due to lagging environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials. Canada’s success is attributed to its consistent performance and growth in all facets of the lithium-ion battery supply chain, from raw material extraction to advanced manufacturing and recycling initiatives. This achievement underscores the importance of comprehensive supply chain development and the increasing role of ESG factors in determining industry leadership.

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North America’s Strategic Advances

The report highlights significant movements within North America, with both the United States and Mexico making notable climbs. The United States, bolstered by policy measures like the Inflation Reduction Act, and Mexico, with its significant rise in the rankings, demonstrate the impact of clear policy direction and commitment to developing the lithium-ion battery supply chain. However, Mexico’s further progress hinges on the formulation of its sector-specific strategies to capitalize on its potential fully.

Southeast Asia’s Rapid Development

Southeast Asia, particularly India and Indonesia, is identified as the most improved region, with both countries ascending five spots in the rankings. This leap is credited to the swift development and targeted implementation of supply chain roadmaps, attracting substantial investment to the region. The continued progress of announced projects is expected to further elevate their positions, highlighting the region’s growing significance in the global lithium-ion battery market.

European Supply Chains: A Mixed Picture

While Europe claims four of the top ten spots, indicating strong performance, the overall potential of European supply chains has seen a slowdown. Notably, Turkey experienced the most significant decline, falling nine places. This mixed progress underscores the challenges and opportunities within the European lithium-ion battery sector, emphasizing the need for continued investment and strategic development to maintain competitiveness.

Africa’s Upstream Potential

African countries within the ranking have shown improvement in their upstream presence, recognizing the value of their rich mineral deposits. Collaborations with global partners have expanded their mining sectors, with a focus on maximizing the value-add steps in the raw materials value chain. This strategic approach is crucial for fostering the emergence of local supply chains and ensuring Africa’s participation in the global lithium-ion battery industry.

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The shifting dynamics of the global lithium-ion battery supply chain, as detailed in BloombergNEF’s report, reflect the evolving landscape of the energy transition and the critical role of policy, investment, and innovation in shaping the future of the sector. As countries vie for leadership positions, the importance of sustainable practices and strategic development becomes increasingly apparent, setting the stage for a competitive and environmentally responsible industry.

For further details on the Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking, visit BloombergNEF.

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