Breaking the Mold: 16 Revolutionary Corporate/M&A Lawyers in Hungary

Unveiling the Brilliant Minds Behind Hungary's Corporate Landscape.

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Hungary’s corporate and M&A landscape is bustling with legal professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in facilitating complex business transactions. These lawyers play a vital role in assisting clients with acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, and corporate restructurings. In this article, we highlight some of the most prominent and interesting Corporate/M&A lawyers in Hungary, shedding light on their expertise and contributions to the field.

János Tóth – Leading the Way at Wolf Theiss

János Tóth, a distinguished lawyer at Wolf Theiss, is renowned for his focus on transactions in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, and other sectors. With a strong background in corporate law, János assists clients in navigating acquisitions, divestments, and corporate reorganizations. His expertise extends to providing valuable insights to private equity firms, making him a sought-after legal professional in the industry.

Ádám Máttyus – Bridging the Gap at Lakatos, Köves & Partners

At Lakatos, Köves & Partners, Ádám Máttyus showcases his broad expertise in assisting clients with acquisitions, joint venture agreements, and divestments. His skill set also encompasses advising on regulations related to foreign direct investments, as well as supporting international clients in establishing branches in Hungary. Ádám has successfully represented investment funds and clients from the technology and energy sectors, making him a versatile and trusted legal advisor.

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Balázs Sahin-Tóth – Adeptness in Cross-Border Transactions

Balázs Sahin-Tóth, affiliated with Allen & Overy, is widely recognized for his representation of multinational companies in cross-border sales and acquisitions. Balázs’s negotiation prowess shines through as he skillfully navigates shareholder agreement negotiations. Additionally, he possesses significant experience in handling the corporate aspects of liquidations, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

Péter Göndöcz – Deloitte’s M&A Maven

Péter Göndöcz, a legal professional at Deloitte Legal, brings his invaluable expertise to the table when assisting clients with M&A and venture capital investments. His adeptness in navigating complex transactions and providing strategic guidance positions him as a trusted advisor in the corporate landscape.

Ines K Radmilovic – A Tech-Driven Approach

Representing clients from the technology industry, Ines Radmilovic, associated with Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Fehérváry Baker&McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law, specializes in mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs. Ines is also highly skilled in corporate restructurings, often working on deals spanning multiple Central and Eastern European jurisdictions.

Gábor Damjanovic – A Cross-Border Expert

Gábor Damjanovic, a prominent lawyer at Forgó, Damjanovic & Partners Law Firm, frequently handles cross-border acquisitions and restructurings. He also assists clients with the creation of Hungarian subsidiaries, showcasing his proficiency in navigating complex legal matters within an international context.

Annamária Csenterics – Adeptness in Domestic and Cross-Border Transactions

Annamária Csenterics, affiliated with Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda, brings her extensive experience to the table when representing both buyers and sellers in domestic and cross-border transactions. Her expertise and nuanced understanding of the legal landscape make her a valuable asset to clients seeking counsel in the corporate arena.

András Lovretity – Versatility and Expertise in M&A

András Lovretity, a legal professional at VJT & Partners, specializes in acquisitions, asset deals, demergers, and sales. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of venture capital investments, András is well-positioned to guide clients through complex corporate transactions.

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Kinga Hetényi – Navigating Cross-Border Acquisitions

At Schoenherr Hetényi Ügyvédi Iroda, Kinga Hetényi skillfully represents clients in cross-border acquisitions and sales, including spin-offs and distressed M&A transactions. Her experience and knowledge extend across various sectors, cementing her position as a respected corporate lawyer.

Ákos Bajorfi – Multifaceted Expertise at Noerr

Ákos Bajorfi, affiliated with Noerr, brings his extensive experience in assisting clients with acquisitions, restructurings, and venture capital investments. His representation of clients from the manufacturing and energy sectors, as well as private equity houses, highlights his versatility and understanding of the diverse needs within the corporate landscape.

Richard Lock – A Founding Figure at Lakatos, Köves & Partners

As a co-founder of Lakatos, Köves & Partners, Richard Lock boasts a strong reputation in Hungary’s M&A market. Richard’s notable experience and expertise encompass transactions spanning various sectors, making him a trusted legal advisor in high-value deals. His UK qualifications further solidify his standing in the legal community.

Bence Molnár – Strong Market Support and Advisory Excellence

Bence Molnár, a legal professional at Szecskay Attorneys at Law, garners strong market support due to his exceptional advisory capabilities. With a focus on the financial services and energy sectors, Bence advises clients on high-value acquisitions and sales, adding value to every transaction he handles.

Orsolya Görgényi – A Versatile Legal Mind

Representing clients from a variety of industries, Orsolya Görgényi, associated with Szecskay Attorneys at Law, offers her expertise in shareholder agreements, sales, acquisitions, and restructurings. Her versatility and deep understanding of the corporate landscape make her a sought-after legal advisor.

Anita Horváth – Navigating Healthcare and Manufacturing Transactions

Anita Horváth, a respected lawyer at Dentons, leverages her expertise to assist clients in sales and acquisitions, often focusing on transactions in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Anita’s experience also extends to advising on venture capital investments, further enhancing her ability to provide comprehensive legal guidance.

Pál Szabó – Excelling in High-Value Transactions

Pál Szabó, the department head at Bird & Bird, has established himself as an expert in high-value transactions, including asset deals. His proficiency in navigating complex deals, particularly in the energy and banking sectors, positions him as a leader in the field. Additionally, Pál’s involvement in fundraising mandates highlights his active participation in shaping the corporate landscape.

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Ákos Nagy – Expertise in M&A, Joint Ventures, and Restructurings

At Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda, Ákos Nagy excels in assisting clients with M&A transactions, joint venture agreements, and corporate restructurings. His comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape enables him to provide strategic advice and support to clients navigating complex business environments.


Hungary’s Corporate/M&A landscape boasts a diverse array of talented lawyers who excel in assisting clients with complex transactions. Whether it’s cross-border acquisitions, joint ventures, or corporate restructurings, these legal professionals showcase their expertise, strategic thinking, and negotiation skills to facilitate successful business deals. The lawyers mentioned in this article are just a few examples of the remarkable individuals shaping Hungary’s corporate world, and their contributions to the field are invaluable. With their guidance, businesses can navigate the intricacies of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions with confidence and precision.

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