Banking Revolution: A Major Nordic Bank Transforms Digital Customer Experience

Innovative Engagement Banking Platform Set to Redefine Customer-Bank Interaction

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Backbase and Danske Bank enter a pivotal agreement to enhance digital banking experiences.
  2. The Engagement Banking Platform aims to modernize IT infrastructure and establish a mobile-first, customer-centric model.
  3. This collaboration is a strategic move towards streamlined, personalized banking services, with a focus on agility and customer insight.

A New Era in Digital Banking

In a significant development within the banking sector, Backbase, a global leader in Engagement Banking, has entered an agreement with Danske Bank, one of the leading Nordic banks headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. This collaboration marks a milestone in the digital transformation of banking services, focusing on enhancing the customer experience through innovative solutions.

The Engagement Banking Platform: A Game Changer

The heart of this collaboration is the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform. This platform, set to be implemented across Danske Bank’s digital channels, is designed to modernize and simplify the bank’s IT landscape. Its primary goal is to provide a more integrated, efficient, and customer-focused banking experience. The platform’s mobile-first engagement model and unified approach are aimed at seamlessly guiding customers between automated services and expert advice.

Danske Bank’s Vision for the Future

Frans Woelders, Chief Operating Officer at Danske Bank, emphasizes the strategic importance of this partnership: “This engagement aligns with our customer-centric focus and our Forward ’28 strategy. It’s a step towards realizing our ambition for a new platform that works across web and mobile apps, enhancing the digital banking experience for our customers.”

Benefits of the Engagement Banking Platform

The Engagement Banking Platform is poised to offer several key benefits:

  • Modernization of IT Infrastructure: It aims to reduce the complexity of existing channel applications, creating a more streamlined IT environment.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By consolidating data, business logic, and workflows, the platform promises efficient journey orchestration, benefiting both customers and bank employees.
  • Increased Agility and Flexibility: The platform is designed to rapidly adapt to market changes, allowing Danske Bank to swiftly implement new business capabilities.
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Christian Bornfeld, Head of Personal Customers and Financial Crime Risk and Prevention at Danske Bank, adds, “This platform elevates our customer interactions to new levels, enabling faster introduction of enhancements and market-leading convenience and personalization.”

Backbase: Pioneering Engagement Banking

Backbase is dedicated to re-architecting banking around the customer. Its Engagement Banking Platform, recognized by industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner, is a testament to its commitment to innovating banking services. The platform, designed with the customer at the center, aims to enhance all aspects of the customer experience, from onboarding to loan origination.

The Global Impact of Backbase’s Innovation

Backbase’s solution has been adopted by over 120 financial institutions worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness and appeal. Its global presence, with offices in key locations such as Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore, underscores its international influence and expertise in the financial technology sector.

Conclusion: A Forward-Looking Collaboration

The agreement between Backbase and Danske Bank represents a forward-thinking approach to banking. By prioritizing digital transformation and customer-centric solutions, this partnership is set to redefine the standards of customer engagement in the banking industry. It stands as a model for how technology can be leveraged to enhance both the efficiency and personalization of banking services.

For further information on Backbase and its Engagement Banking Platform, please visit:

This partnership exemplifies a significant stride in the fusion of technology and banking, offering a blueprint for the future of digital customer engagement in the financial sector. As banking continues to evolve in the digital age, collaborations like this between Backbase and Danske Bank will likely become more prevalent, setting new benchmarks for customer experience and operational efficiency in the industry.

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