Anoat Therapeutics Raises €2M in Seed Funding to Develop Novel Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis Patients with High Unmet Medical Need

Promising breakthrough in CF treatment offers hope for patients left without options.

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Unmet Medical Needs in Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

Cystic fibrosis, a progressive genetic disease affecting multiple organs including the lungs and pancreas, poses significant challenges to patients worldwide. With approximately 105,000 diagnosed CF patients across 94 countries, there is an urgent need for more effective and mutation-agnostic treatment options. Anoat Therapeutics aims to provide a transformative solution for CF patients who are ineligible or unresponsive to the current standard of care, CFTR modulator therapies.

AdBio-Inserm Transfert Partnership Nurtures Innovation

Anoat Therapeutics stands as the first startup resulting from the collaborative efforts of AdBio partners and Inserm Transfert. This partnership, announced in May 2022, was established to provide financial support and growth opportunities for Europe’s most innovative life sciences startups. By combining the expertise of AdBio Partners, specializing in venture capital investment, and Inserm Transfert, responsible for value creation and technology transfer in human health, the collaboration has successfully birthed Anoat Therapeutics.

Revolutionary Science Drives Anoat’s Vision

Anoat Therapeutics draws upon the groundbreaking academic work conducted by esteemed researchers from Inserm, including Pr. Harriet Corvol, MD, PhD, Dr. Olivier Tabary, PhD, Dr. Christie Mitri, PhD, and Dr. Florence Sonneville, PhD. The team has generated highly promising proof-of-concept data, which serves as the foundation for Anoat’s ambitious mission to meet the unmet medical needs of CF patients. Through collaboration with physicians and patient associations, Anoat aims to provide a therapeutic option that alleviates the burden of this life-threatening condition.

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Investment Fuels Progress in CF Treatment Development

The €2 million seed funding provided by AdBio partners showcases their commitment to advancing transformative healthcare solutions. Anoat Therapeutics plans to utilize the funds to conduct extensive in vivo and in vitro pharmacology assessments. These crucial evaluations will contribute to the selection of a lead candidate for further development, bringing the company closer to its goal of delivering novel therapies for CF patients.

Anoat Therapeutics: Transforming CF Treatment Landscape

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a devastating genetic disease that affects numerous organs, significantly impacting the quality of life for patients. Despite advancements in CFTR modulator therapies, a considerable number of patients remain unresponsive to existing treatment options. Anoat Therapeutics, a preclinical stage biotechnology company, aims to bridge this gap by developing novel therapies that address the high unmet medical needs of CF patients.

Pioneering Research Efforts of Inserm Scientists

Anoat Therapeutics owes its scientific foundation to the pioneering research conducted by esteemed scientists from Inserm, including Pr. Harriet Corvol, MD, PhD, Dr. Olivier Tabary, PhD, Dr. Christie Mitri, PhD, and Dr. Florence Sonneville, PhD. Leveraging their expertise and breakthrough proof-of-concept data, Anoat Therapeutics is poised to revolutionize CF treatment and provide hope for patients who currently have limited or no treatment options.

A Funding Boost from AdBio partners

Anoat Therapeutics’ promising approach in CF treatment has attracted the attention and support of AdBio partners, a venture capital company specializing in seed investments in life sciences startups. With a focus on fostering innovation and growth in the life sciences sector, AdBio partners has invested €2 million ($2.17 million) in seed funding to propel Anoat Therapeutics forward. This injection of capital will enable the company to conduct further assessments and select a lead candidate for its transformative CF therapy.

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Addressing Unmet Medical Needs in CF Treatment

The unmet medical needs in CF treatment have long been a challenge for patients and the healthcare industry. Many CF patients do not respond to CFTR modulator therapies, leaving them with limited options for managing their condition. Anoat Therapeutics aims to change this by developing mutation-agnostic treatment options that provide effective relief for CF patients who are not eligible or responsive to existing therapies. By targeting an alternative chloride channel through AntiSens Oligonucleotide (ASO) technology, Anoat Therapeutics intends to compensate for the defective or lacking activity of the CFTR channel protein.

Collaborative Partnership for Innovation

Anoat Therapeutics’ success can be attributed to the collaborative efforts between AdBio partners and Inserm Transfert. The partnership, established with the goal of supporting and nurturing innovative life sciences startups, has provided the necessary financial backing and expertise to bring Anoat Therapeutics to fruition. By combining the venture capital experience of AdBio partners with the scientific knowledge and resources of Inserm Transfert, the partnership has created a fertile ground for groundbreaking research and development in CF treatment.

Advancing CF Treatment through Pharmacology Assessments

With the seed funding from AdBio partners, Anoat Therapeutics will conduct rigorous in vivo and in vitro pharmacology assessments to further advance its CF treatment candidates. These assessments will provide critical insights into the efficacy and safety of the potential therapies, enabling the selection of a lead candidate for further development. Anoat Therapeutics’ commitment to thorough evaluation and evidence-based decision-making ensures the development of therapies that hold great promise for CF patients.

A Transformative Vision for CF Patients

Vincent Bischoff, CEO of Anoat Therapeutics, expressed his pride in leading a company that brings together exceptional scientists, experienced biotech professionals, and drug development experts. The shared vision of the team is to provide a transformative and mutation-agnostic treatment option for CF patients, significantly improving their quality of life. Anoat Therapeutics is dedicated to alleviating the burden of this life-threatening condition and offering hope to those who have been left without viable treatment options.

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Anoat Therapeutics’ successful seed funding round marks a significant milestone in the development of novel therapies for CF patients with high unmet medical needs. The collaboration between AdBio partners and Inserm Transfert highlights the power of partnerships in driving innovation and supporting the growth of life sciences startups. With their dedicated team of scientists and experts, Anoat Therapeutics is well-positioned to revolutionize CF treatment and make a meaningful impact in the lives of patients worldwide. As the company progresses in its research and development endeavors, the future holds promise for a brighter and healthier future for individuals living with cystic fibrosis.

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