2023’s Top 10 UK Influential Litigation PR & Communications Lawyers Revealed

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Exploring the Crossovers of Law and Public Relations: Litigation PR and Communications Lawyers in the UK

“Litigation PR” is a critical subset of crisis communications, combining the legal world and communication strategies. These professionals, often with a background in law or journalism, represent a significant resource for any organisation faced with a major litigation, regulatory investigation, or reputational crisis. The following profiles highlight some of the most notable individuals and firms in the United Kingdom specialising in this unique and fast-evolving field.

“The role of Litigation PR is becoming increasingly important as media scrutiny intensifies” commented legal analyst Robert Hodge. He continued, “The professionals I shall introduce to you, each with their unique approaches, backgrounds and special skills are crucial assets in navigating crises and maintaining important stakeholder relationships.”

Whether you are a law student, public relations practitioner, lawyer, journalist, or someone else in a related field, having a firm grasp of the professionals working in Litigation PR & Communications and what they do is essential to understanding the intertwined relationship between law and communications in our modern society.

Arthur Maltin

Within the industy, Arthur Maltin is well recognised as a leader in media analysis and investigations, as well as his contributions to developing reputation management campaigns. His notable attention to detail inspires great confidence in his clients. Unfortunately, Maltin PR does not currently have a website.

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Neil McLeod

Neil McLeod brings his wealth of newspaper journalism experience to the world of Litigation PR and Communications. Currently serving as the Managing Director (Corporate), at The PHA Group, his expertise provides substantial value to his clients and colleagues alike.

James Lynch

Another significant figure from Maltin PR, James Lynch is known for his excellent grasp of complex Litigation PR issues. His ability to translate intricate legal points into easily understood media statements sets him apart in the field.

Charlie Potter

Co-leading the global litigation practice at Brunswick Group, Charlie Potter is a qualified barrister with profound insight into broadcasting and media regulation. His creative perspective and natural persuasive nature make him a valuable asset to clients.

Philip Hall

Philip Hall of Portland is highly respected in complex litigation communication projects. A qualified barrister himself, his unique approach to the practice is widely appreciated among his peers and clients.

Claire Davidson

Claire Davidson, a founding partner of DRD Partnership, is hugely experienced in international disputes. Her ability to draw from her public policy background and make connections that others miss is widely praised.

Antony Dunkels

Antony Dunkels of Brunswick Group, a qualified barrister and previous director of Edelman’s litigation and legal affairs practice, has a unique blend of skills that make him a sought-after resource within the field.

Ryan McSharry

As head of Infinite Global’s litigation practice, Ryan McSharry leverages his vast experience in litigation matters to assist clients through strategic communications and reputation management.

Jonathan Hawker

A former journalist, Jonathan Hawker from Slate Campaigns stands out as a recognised expert in litigation public relations and reputation management. The firm does not have a website at present.

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Conal Walsh

Conal Walsh is a partner at Palatine Communications, whose experience as a business investigations editor and law courts correspondent contribute greatly to his sophisticated knowledge of litigation communication and his impressive investigative skills. Conal’s significant contributions to the field make him a noteworthy figure in this look at Litigation PR & Communications Lawyers in the UK.

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