2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Insurance Lawyers in Brazil Revealed

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Insurance law comprises a major section of the legal field in Brazil. Lawyers specializing in insurance law provide both individual clients and businesses with advice and legal counsel regarding insurance claims, regulations, and transactions related to the insurance sector. This article will explore the backgrounds and accomplishments of ten outstanding insurance lawyers operating in Brazil today. We’ll examine their specific skills and expertise, providing context and insights into their career paths and specialties.

Insurance law represents a wide cross-section of the legal field in Brazil, and the insurance market is currently facing unprecedented changes due to the emergence of Insurtech and the growing role of regulatory digital advancements. As a result, the need for skilled insurance law practitioners in Brazil is more pronounced than ever before. Now, let’s delve into the distinctive profiles of these ten remarkable insurance lawyers.


 André Alarcon

André Alarcon, who heads the German desk at Demarest Advogados, specializes in insurance law and has extensive experience assisting German clients. He’s fluent in German and is a registered member of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Industry and Trade (AHK).

Marcelo Mansur Haddad

Renowned for his profound expertise, Marcelo Mansur Haddad is based at Mattos Filho. He excels in advising on regulatory issues, mergers, acquisitions, and reinsurance agreements, earning high praise from his clients and his peers alike.

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Diógenes Mendes Gonçalves Neto

With exceptional communication skills, Diógenes Mendes Gonçalves Neto is a well-respected practitioner at Pinheiro Neto Advogados. He shines in transactional and regulatory insurance law matters, where his critical thinking abilities are frequently highlighted by clients.

Luciana Dias Prado

Recognized for her hands-on approach and her collaborative nature, Luciana Dias Prado of Lefosse Advogados is exceptionally experienced in contentious insurance mandates. Described as responsive and knowledgeable in civil law, her clients greatly value her support.

Victor Benes

Victor Benes, of J. Armando Batista Advogados Associados, extends his expertise to a broad spectrum of insurance law matters, including litigation. His clients commend him for his effective problem-solving abilities and his excellent assistance on complex issues.

Thiago Junqueira

Highly respected by his peers and clients, Thiago Junqueira is a rising star in insurance law. His deep acumen of the market and participation in academic discussions distinguish him as a valuable asset in the field. He practices at Chalfin, Goldberg & Vainboim Advogados.

Julio Costa

An expert in aviation insurance claims, Julio Costa of Costa & Albino Advogados consistently earns high praise for his assistance with high-stakes contentious issues. His negotiation skills are highly appreciated by clients.

Luis Augusto Roux Azevedo

With vast experience in contentious insurance mandates, Luis Augusto Roux Azevedo is described as technical and adept at arbitration. He is a notable member of the firm Motta Fernandes Advogados.

Pedro Guilherme G. de Souza

Welcome any insurance regulatory and transactional issues with Pedro Guilherme G. de Souza of SABZ Advogados. Praised for his intellect, he is constantly updated in the insurance market and considered an excellent partner by his clients.

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Adilson José Campoy

Adilson José Campoy, of Pimentel e Associados Advocacia, is widely recognized for his substantial work assisting insurance companies with litigation. He’s particularly astute in handling life insurance claims and is regarded as a top-notch practitioner in the field.

In conclusion, as insurance laws and regulations continue to evolve in Brazil, these noteworthy lawyers will remain at the forefront of the sector, leveraging their extensive knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver unmatched legal service in the insurance industry.

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