2023’s Top 10 Gamechanging Intellectual Property Lawyers in Sweden: Detailed Insight

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In the fast-paced realm of Intellectual Property (IP) Law, Sweden is renowned for its exceptional expertise and innovation. In fact, the country is home to some of the legal industry’s most esteemed IP lawyers who offer exceptional counsel in complex and often high-stature cases. Intellectual property law protects inventions, names, and images used in commerce, bringing together ethics, art, and business acumen. In a growing and increasingly global business landscape, having the right IP Lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your intellectual properties. We invite you to discover and familiarize yourself with ten of Sweden’s finest in this field.

These practitioners are acknowledged both domestically and abroad for their advanced understanding and application of IP Law, frequently acting on behalf of multinational clientele on matters including but not limited to patent infringement, trade mark matters, copyright, marketing mandates, and commercial agreements. Their respective legal prowess stems from years of professional application, underpinned by robust academic backgrounds, and peppered by a variety of special talents and unique skill sets.

Whether you require assistance with cross-border support, prosecution proceedings, patent and trade mark matters, or SPC issues, these professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you. Our aim with this piece is to provide an insight into their outstanding legal journeys and areas of specialization. We’ll do this by providing a brief bio for each amongst a wealth of other insightful details about each of them. In no particular order, here are ten very impressive Swedish IP Lawyers.

Dag Sandart

With a career at Sandart & Partners and a wide-ranging command of IP mandates, Dag Sandart is celebrated for his work in patent infringement. His multi-faceted legal practice highlights his diverse abilities in the IP domain.

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Charlotta Poehler

Partner at KANTER Advokatbyrå, Charlotta Poehler, focuses on trade mark law and offers counsel on IP aspects of commercial and licence agreements. The combination of her qualifications in both Sweden and the USA fortifies her aptitude for clients requiring international support.

Gabriel Lidman

An asset to Bird & Bird, Gabriel Lidman assists with trade mark matters from brand management and strategy to enforcement and prosecution proceedings.

Peter Sande

Also from Sandart & Partners, Peter Sande, is revered for his longstanding expertise in patent infringement cases. He frequently represents multinational blue-chip corporations, often from the pharmaceutical sector.

Sara Sparring

Found at Synch Advokat AB is Sara Sparring. She is known for her expertise in copyright matters and stays active in trade mark management and enforcement proceedings.

Christina Berggren

Christina Berggren of MAQS Advokatbyrå is known for her proficiency in trade mark and marketing mandates.

Håkan Borgenhäll

The esteemed Håkan Borgenhäll of Advokatfirman Vinge KBis a market front-runner, particularly known for representation of pharmaceutical clients on patent infringement mandates and expertise in resolving SPC, patent, and trade mark issues.

Emil Ödling

At Ström Advokatbyrå, Emil Ödling provides counsel to clients from the TV and film industry on trade mark matters and rights agreements.

Henrik Bengtsson

From Delphi , Henrik Bengtsson is renowned for his knowledge surrounding trade mark and copyright infringements in addition to trade secret litigation.

Peter von Heidenstam

Lastly, the senior figure, Peter von Heidenstam, from Heidenstam Legal Advokatbyrå HB is a respected market personality holding a wealth of experience in handling trade mark and anti-counterfeiting cases.

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In conclusion, each of these individual practitioners possesses exceptional abilities in their specific realms of IP law, meeting any client’s needs. This list showcases those at the forefront of Sweden’s IP legal scene and serves as a compendium of the experts capable of delivering navigational prowess through Sweden’s complex legal landscape.

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