2023 Power Ranking: Top 10 Lawyers Shaping South Korea’s Capital Markets

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South Korea has seen a significant increase in the value and number of capital markets transactions in recent years, amid a favourable economic climate and government policies designed to stimulate the financial market. Central to this booming activity are many experienced lawyers who have proven their expertise in handling complex business dealings, particularly in initial public offerings (IPOs), securitisation, derivatives, and debt and equity capital markets transactions. In this article, we highlight ten of these notable practitioners in the field of Capital Markets: Domestic Firms, detail their biographies and provide links to their respective law firms’ websites.

An area of law that may seem daunting to outsiders, capital markets law pertains to the rules, regulations, and practices that govern the primary and secondary markets for securities. This sophisticated area of law requires individuals who are tech-savvy, well-versed in financial economics, and possess an understanding of the regulatory landscape that governs the issuance and trading of securities. With economic shifts and changes in regulations, the demand for legal experts in capital markets has significantly increased, making this a timely examination of some South Korea’s most distinguished practitioners in this field.

The lawyers we spotlight here stand out for their dedication, foresight, and expertise. Besides having a deep understanding of capital markets, they are also known for developing innovative solutions to help their clients navigate complex legal and business landscapes. They come from some of the most prestigious law firms in South Korea, and their work has significant impact on the evolving capital markets landscape in the country.

Jin Kook Lee

Jin Kook Lee is a well-versed lawyer working with Yulchon LLC. He has extensive experience advising on equity capital markets transactions and is particularly adept at handling IPOs for both issuers and lead managers. Lee’s expertise has made him one of the most sought-after lawyers in South Korea’s capital markets landscape.

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Jeong-Hoon Lee

Jeong-Hoon Lee of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC is another powerhouse in the field. With extensive experience in equity capital markets and a focus on IPOs, he has a client list that includes several prominent underwriters in the Korean and US markets.

Mi Eun Roh

Also from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC is Mi Eun Roh, who maintains an active equity capital markets practice. She frequently advises on IPOs and share offerings, and her expertise regularly attracts instructions from issuers and underwriters.

Hyunjoo Oh

Rising star Hyunjoo Oh from Lee & Ko is known for her debt capital markets expertise. She advises on securitisation and derivatives transactions and her experience attracts corporations and securities firms.

Sang Man Kim

Working independently at K1 Chamber LLP, Sang Man Kim is an experienced lawyer specializing in a wide range of debt capital markets transactions, including securities issuances. He also handles derivatives work and advises clients on substantial IPOs.

Won Sik Choo

Won Sik Choo from Lee & Ko has experience advising Korean and foreign issuers on IPOs. Recognized for his equity capital markets practice, Choo also assists with financial regulatory and compliance issues.

Haeng-Gyu Lee

Leading Jipyong LLC‘s capital markets practice is Haeng-Gyu Lee. He frequently advises Korean and international companies on their IPOs on the KRX, South Korea’s sole securities exchange.

Sang Yeon Eom

Sang Yeon Eom from Shin & Kim is increasingly active in debt capital markets work, especially in relation to green bonds issuances. He frequently clears equity capital markets matters, including listings and capital raises for underwriters.

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Hee-Gang Shin

Hee-Gang Shin from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC leverages his significant experience in both equity and debt capital markets to assist clients with IPOs, note offerings, and bond issuances. His expertise makes him a cherished resource among financial institutions and securities firms.

Seung Il Hong

Seung Il Hong, also from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, regularly advises clients on significant Korean IPOs, including entities in the financial services and fintech industries. He brings deep-rooted experience in the securitisation of acquisition financing transactions through offshore investment vehicles.

These ten lawyers are blazing a trail in capital markets law in South Korea. Their strategic insights and comprehensive knowledge continue to push the boundaries in this dynamic field, making them an asset to the clients they serve and the Korean legal landscape.

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