10 Top Influential Finnish TMT Lawyers: Key Insights and Career Overviews

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As the digital economy expands, the role of lawyers specializing in technology, media and telecommunication (TMT) law takes on increasing significance. In Finland, a vibrant ecosystem of skilled lawyers provides expert advice, litigation, and contract negotiation services in this field. In this article, we will showcase some of the leading TMT lawyers in the country, their professional background, and their areas of expertise.

The legal landscape in Finland’s TMT sector is highly competitive and dynamic, driven by both domestic and international forces. A strong background in TMT law, coupled with a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges, enables these lawyers to consistently deliver high-quality legal advice to clients operating in this field.

Our chosen attorneys span a range of specializations within TMT law, from IT contracts and procurement mandates to copyright litigation and technology supply and transfer issues. Each is recognized for their solid knowledge base, experience, and professional acumen of the field. Let’s take a closer look at these professionals.

Mikko Manner

Partner at Roschier, Mikko Manner is known for his sharp insights on patent and copyright litigation. He also assists with disputes related to employee inventions and licensing matters. His expert guidance has made him a trustworthy resource in Finland’s TMT industry.

Jesper Nevalainen

Partner at Hannes Snellman, Jesper Nevalainen brings valuable experience in IT contracts and procurement mandates to the table. He also advises clients on systems delivery and cloud services, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of the IT industry’s complexities.

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Arto Linnervuo

Arto Linnervuo of Roschier is recognized for his expertise in IT outsourcing deals, procurement mandates and transformation programmes. His strategic insight is highly valued by clientele.

Jukka Airaksinen

Jukka Airaksinen of Airaksinen Attorneys specializes in advising clients on technology procurement mandates, contributing his distinct skill set and experience to the field.

Tiina Ashorn

Representing Eversheds Sutherland, Tiina Ashorn offers expertise in contractual matters within the technology sector, making her an essential resource for firms needing sound legal advice.

Jan Lindberg

Attorney-at-Law, Jan Lindberg, is known for his experience in technology supply and transfer matters, as well as technology licensing issues. His guidance is particularly sought after by those navigating the legal intricacies related to technology transactions.

Pekka Takki

Representing Bird & Bird, Pekka Takki is highly experienced in the IT market. His advise on commercial contracts and software transformation programmes is highly regarded by IT firms across Finland.

Kari-Matti Lehti

Operating at HPP Attorneys Ltd, Kari-Matti Lehti’s forte lies in assisting technology sector clients with procurement and outsourcing matters. He is also experienced in advising on contract negotiations.

Pekka Raatikainen

Pekka Raatikainen from HPP Attorneys Ltd is highly valued for his expertise in IT procurement, outsourcing matters, and contractual negotiations in the technology sector.

Erkko Korhonen

Erkko Korhonen from Borenius has a well-earned reputation for his assistance in procurement, outsourcing, and licensing agreements. Regularly assisting high-profile technology sector clients with regulatory matters, he is a commendable presence in the Finnish legal world.

All these lawyers embody the tech-first, customer-focused ethos prevalent in today’s economy. Through their work, they provide legal certainty, enabling smoother business transactions in Finland’s burgeoning TMT sector.

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