Unlocking Innovation in Patient Care: MSD Launches European Patient Digital Health Awards

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Key Takeaways:

  • MSD launches the third edition of the European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA) to celebrate innovative digital health solutions that improve patient care.
  • The competition is open to individuals, start-ups, and various organizations across Europe.
  • Eligible projects must fall under core categories such as digital prevention and diagnostics, new ways to interact with healthcare teams, mental health and social support, and disease monitoring and therapeutics.

MSD, a leading global healthcare company, has announced the launch of the highly anticipated third edition of the European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA). This prestigious competition aims to recognize and celebrate the most innovative digital health solutions that enhance patient care and improve the quality of life for patients and their caregivers. By promoting cutting-edge advancements in healthcare technology, the PDHA seeks to revolutionize the delivery of care and empower individuals across Europe.

Celebrating Innovation and Transformative Digital Health Solutions

A Platform for Collaboration and Insights

The European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA) serve as a platform for patients, digital entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals to converge and gain insights into the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. With the continuous advancements in digital health, it is crucial for stakeholders to embrace innovation and harness its potential to meet the evolving needs of patients effectively.

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Addressing Critical Aspects of Patient Care

The awards aim to showcase projects and solutions that address critical aspects of patient care, ranging from prevention and diagnostics to mental health support and disease monitoring. By encouraging individuals, start-ups, IT companies, patient associations, and other organizations to participate, the PDHA fosters a collaborative environment where the most promising digital health initiatives can thrive.

A Call for Innovators: Participate in the European Patient Digital Health Awards

The European Patient Digital Health Awards are open to individuals, start-ups, IT companies, patient associations, healthcare providers, scientific foundations, universities, educational institutions, and service companies located within any of the EU Member States, EFTA Members, the Balkans, and the UK. The competition seeks entries in various core categories that encompass key areas of digital health innovation.

1. Digital Prevention and Diagnostics

Projects that focus on leveraging digital technologies to enhance prevention measures, improve early diagnostics, and promote proactive health management.

2. New Ways to Interact with Healthcare Teams and Providers, Mental Health and Social Support

Innovations that revolutionize the way patients interact with healthcare professionals, access mental health support, and receive social support throughout their healthcare journey.

3. Disease Monitoring and Therapeutics

Solutions that utilize digital platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables, and digital therapeutics (DTx) to monitor diseases, optimize treatments, and improve patient outcomes.

Rewarding Excellence and Empowering Change

The European Patient Digital Health Awards offer participants an opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking projects and gain recognition within the digital health ecosystem. Besides the prestige and visibility that comes with being a PDHA winner, each category’s victorious project will receive a financial reward of €2,000. Moreover, winners will have unparalleled networking opportunities, enabling them to forge connections with key industry stakeholders, potential investors, and influential thought leaders.

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Apply Now: Submission Details and Timeline

Applications for the European Patient Digital Health Awards are now open and will remain so until June 30, 2023. To submit an entry, interested participants can visit the official PDHA website at https://www.pdha.eu/apply and complete the online application form. The comprehensive form allows innovators to provide crucial information about their projects, including their objectives, impact on patient care, and technological features.

Join the Conversation: Promoting the European Patient Digital Health Awards

The success of the European Patient Digital Health Awards depends on the collective effort of the healthcare community to spread awareness and encourage participation. MSD invites all stakeholders, including individuals, organizations, and influencers, to support this initiative by promoting the PDHA through their networks and social media channels. To facilitate the sharing of this transformative initiative, pre-drafted social media copies and promotional cards have been provided, including the hashtag #EUPDHA23.


With the launch of the European Patient Digital Health Awards, MSD showcases its commitment to advancing digital health solutions that enhance patient care and improve quality of life. By celebrating innovation and encouraging collaboration, the PDHA aims to unlock the full potential of digital technologies in the healthcare sector. As innovators across Europe participate in this prestigious competition, we can expect to witness groundbreaking advancements that reshape the future of patient care.

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