UK Dominates Global Searches for Flexible Working: International Happiness at Week Unveils a Surprising Leader

New Data Reveals UK's Leading Role in Embracing Flexible Work Arrangements

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Key Takeaways:

  • The UK ranks as the top country in the world for searches related to ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home.’
  • A noticeable spike in ‘flexible working’ searches in July 2023 aligns with the approval of the Flexible Working Bill in the UK.
  • Studies show that 13.8% of working Brits have flexible working contracts, with numerous benefits for employees and businesses.

A Global Quest for Happiness at Work

As we approach International Happiness at Work Week in September 2023, Lem-uhn, a feel-good PR agency, has unveiled intriguing data that positions the United Kingdom as the leader in global searches for ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home.’ This revelation reflects the current employment landscape, with companies worldwide reevaluating their hybrid and remote work policies to enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction.

UK’s Flexible Working Surge

Lem-uhn compiled this insightful data using Google Trends, and the findings are particularly compelling. UK searches for ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home’ exhibited a significant upswing in July 2023. This surge aligns perfectly with the approval of the Flexible Working Bill by the UK government, a move aimed at simplifying the process for employees to request flexible working arrangements.

It’s noteworthy that searches for these terms are 59% more popular in the UK than in Australia and 67% more popular than in Ireland, the second and third countries with the highest interest in flexible work. This data illustrates a growing trend among Brits, who increasingly seek ways to tailor their working conditions, from determining their own work hours to having greater autonomy over their work locations.

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The UK, as declared by The Guardian, has recently earned the title of the ‘work from home’ capital of Europe, with an average of 1.5 days a week spent working remotely, surpassing the international average of 0.9 days.

Flexible Working on the Rise in the UK

Recent studies have also underlined the growth of flexible working in the UK, with 4.42 million employees (equivalent to 13.8% of the working population) having signed contracts allowing for flexible hours. This type of flexibility has become the most popular choice for working arrangements in the country.

The benefits of flexible working are multifaceted, encompassing increased productivity, reduced stress levels, improved job satisfaction, and enhanced work-life balance. These advantages not only boost employee well-being but also contribute to overall business success.

Global Interest in Flexible Working

While the UK leads the charge in the search for ‘flexible working,’ Lem-uhn’s data also reveals other countries with significant interest in this work arrangement:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Australia
  3. Ireland
  4. Malaysia
  5. Singapore
  6. New Zealand
  7. St Helena
  8. Philippines
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Sri Lanka

Lem-uhn’s Innovative Approach

Lem-uhn, a PR agency founded in 2021, has embraced the importance of employee happiness and well-being. The agency recently introduced its “Work from Anywhere” policy, allowing employees to work in countries with double taxation agreements for up to 45 days. This innovative initiative is part of Lem-uhn’s broader commitment to creating a positive work environment that nurtures creativity and fosters a happier and more productive workforce.

Riannon Palmer, Founder and Managing Director of Lem-uhn, commented on this pioneering approach: “Employee happiness is not always a top priority for PR agencies, but at Lem-uhn, we’re changing that. We firmly believe that happier employees deliver the best results for our clients. Our ‘Work From Anywhere’ scheme is just one of the many steps we’ve taken to establish a more joyful agency. Creativity is a vital skill in public relations, and a happier mind, adventures, and exposure to diverse cultures provide the perfect backdrop to nurture our employees’ creativity. I eagerly await the day when initiatives promoting a positive work environment become the standard.”

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As International Happiness at Work Week approaches, the spotlight is on the UK, a global leader in embracing flexible working, and Lem-uhn, a trailblazing PR agency championing employee well-being as a cornerstone of its business philosophy.

About Lem-uhn

Founded in 2021, Lem-uhn is a PR agency with a unique mission to promote happiness for both employees and clients. This feel-good agency supports businesses in growing their brand presence through PR, influencer engagement, SEO optimization, and event management. Lem-uhn serves clients across a range of sectors, including lifestyle, home and garden, wellness, fitness, health, and tech.

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