Top 10 Most Influential Construction Mediators in Florida: Insights and Expertise

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Construction disputes are highly complex and often require the expertise of mediators who specialize in this particular area of law. In Florida, there are several notable construction mediators who have earned recognition for their exceptional skills and knowledge in resolving construction-related conflicts. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting construction mediators in Florida, highlighting their backgrounds, experience, and expertise. These mediators have made significant contributions to the field and continue to play a crucial role in facilitating peaceful resolutions in construction disputes.

Bruce A Norris – Kirwin Norris:

Bruce A Norris, a highly regarded construction mediator, has a wealth of experience advising clients on construction litigation and is also praised for his work as a mediator. With his comprehensive understanding of construction law, Norris is able to guide parties towards mutually beneficial solutions. His expertise in construction-related cases makes him a trusted choice for clients seeking resolution in complex disputes. Norris is a key member of the Kirwin Norris law firm, which has earned a sterling reputation for its exceptional construction law practice. Learn more about Bruce A Norris and Kirwin Norris here.

John Freud – Mediation Solutions Inc:

John Freud, with his vast experience mediating a full range of disputes, has established himself as one of the leading construction mediators in Florida. Highly commended for his work as a construction mediator, Freud is well-equipped to handle complex construction disputes, utilizing his extensive knowledge of the industry. As the founder of Mediation Solutions Inc., Freud has successfully facilitated resolutions in numerous construction-related cases. His commitment to achieving fair and equitable outcomes has earned him the trust and respect of clients. To learn more about John Freud and Mediation Solutions Inc, visit their website here.

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Lawrence Watson – Upchurch, Watson, White & Max:

Lawrence Watson brings his extensive experience and expertise to the field of construction mediation. With a focus on construction sector-related cases, Watson has successfully guided parties towards settlement in many complex disputes. His commitment to impartiality and his comprehensive understanding of the construction industry make him a highly sought-after mediator in Florida. Watson is a valuable asset to Upchurch, Watson, White & Max, a distinguished law firm known for its exceptional alternative dispute resolution practice. Discover more about Lawrence Watson and the firm here.

A Peter Brandt – Ferencik, Libanoff, Brandt, Bustamante & Williams:

A Peter Brandt, recognized for his alternative dispute resolution work, is highly regarded in the field of construction mediation. His skills and expertise have proven invaluable in resolving construction disputes, guiding parties towards mutually agreeable outcomes. As a member of the esteemed firm Ferencik, Libanoff, Brandt, Bustamante & Williams, Brandt continues to provide exceptional service to clients seeking resolution in construction-related matters. To learn more about A Peter Brandt and his firm, visit their website here.

James Nulman – Nulman Mediation Services:

James Nulman specializes in mediating a range of commercial disputes, including complex construction claims. With his extensive experience as a mediator, Nulman is adept at facilitating resolutions in high-stakes construction disputes. While Nulman does not have a dedicated website, his services as a mediator are highly respected in the field, and he continues to contribute significantly to the resolution of construction-related conflicts in Florida. Clients seeking his expertise benefit from his deep knowledge and understanding of construction law.

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Fredrica Elder – Elder & Lewis, P.A.:

Fredrica Elder has amassed extensive experience as a mediator specializing in construction disputes. Her invaluable contribution to the field has earned her recognition and respect. Through her mediation services, Elder has successfully resolved numerous complex construction-related conflicts, guiding parties towards fair and practical resolutions. She is a key member of Elder & Lewis, P.A., a well-established law firm that excels in construction law and alternative dispute resolution. Learn more about Fredrica Elder and her firm here.

Bruce Alexander – Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell:

Bruce Alexander, a renowned mediator, draws upon his longstanding experience in construction law to mediate conflicts effectively. His dedication to the field and his comprehensive understanding of construction issues make him an invaluable asset in resolving disputes. Alexander is affiliated with Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell, a reputable law firm known for its expertise in construction law. To learn more about Bruce Alexander and his firm, visit their website here.

Joe Lane – Lowndes:

Joe Lane is a respected and experienced mediator with particular expertise in construction law. His understanding of the intricacies involved in construction disputes enables him to guide parties towards successful resolutions. As a member of Lowndes, a reputable law firm specializing in construction law, Lane contributes significantly to the field of construction mediation. His ability to navigate complex legal issues, combined with his commitment to fairness and equity, makes him a trusted choice for clients seeking resolution in construction disputes. Learn more about Joe Lane and Lowndes here.

Robert H Buesing – Trenam:

Robert H Buesing, a well-regarded mediator, possesses significant expertise in construction law. His vast knowledge and understanding of the field have earned him recognition and respect. Buesing has successfully mediated a range of construction disputes, utilizing his comprehensive understanding of construction-related issues. As part of the esteemed Trenam law firm, Buesing continues to provide exceptional service to clients seeking resolution in construction-related matters. To learn more about Robert H Buesing and Trenam, visit their website here.

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Jeffrey Keiner – GrayRobinson, PA:

Jeffrey Keiner’s diverse array of construction disputes and wide-ranging trial practice have earned him a reputation as a skilled mediator. Keiner’s ability to counsel clients on professional malpractice claims in addition to construction disputes sets him apart in the field. As a member of GrayRobinson, PA, Keiner continues to contribute significantly to the resolution of construction-related conflicts, guiding parties towards fair and equitable resolutions. Learn more about Jeffrey Keiner and his firm here.

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