Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers Revolutionizing Puerto Rico’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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From copyrights to trade secrets to patents and brand protection, intellectual property (IP) law is a specialized and important aspect of business law. This field is full of dedicated and talented lawyers who are committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of their clients. Puerto Rico, specifically, boasts a strong base of highly skilled IP lawyers aiding innovation and creativity. In this article, we will be showcasing several remarkable IP lawyers in Puerto Rico who are making a significant impact in the industry.

The protection of Intellectual Property is of paramount importance in today’s global business world. As inventors and businesses innovate, they create vast amounts of IP that need to be guarded against copying and used strategically to maximize revenue. No one understands the importance of this more than Puerto Rico’s top-notch IP lawyers. They bridge the gap between business and creativity, providing legal expertise and strategic advice to ensure that their clients’ IPs are protected and efficiently managed.

In the write-ups that follow, we will be introducing ten brilliant lawyers in the fascinating world of Intellectual Property based in Puerto Rico. These attorneys stand out for their exceptional knowledge, reputation, and commitment to this specialized industry.

Carla García-Benítez

A partner at O’Neill & Borges LLC, Carla García-Benítez is a highly esteemed lawyer with the ability to handle complex trade secrets, copyright, and trademark disputes. Recognized for her knowledge in IP law and her expertise in defending clients in court, her effective blend of deep knowledge and experience sets her apart in the field.

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Roberto C Quiñones

Roberto C Quiñones is a highly respected partner with McConnell Valdés LLC. Exceling in litigation with vast knowledge, Quiñones maintains a strong copyright practice and is lauded for his extensive knowledge in the area.

Cristina Arenas

Cristina Arenas, a lawyer at Ferraiuoli LLC, specializes in handling trademark prosecution and litigation mandates. As a knowledgeable and experienced IP attorney, Arenas stands out for her focus on trademark matters.

María Teresa Szendrey

María Teresa Szendrey, a partner with McConnell Valdés LLC, is an expert in the management of trademark portfolios. Szendrey’s broad intellectual property practice sees her recognized as a leading figure in the political field.

María Dolores Trelles

María Dolores Trelles, a partner at Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC, is well regarded for her exceptional legal analysis, sound judgement and innovative approach to advocacy. Additionally, she is recognized as a proficient player in Puerto Rico’s trademark and copyright litigation fields.

Eugenio Torres Oyola

Eugenio Torres Oyola, a pre-eminent partner with Ferraiuoli LLC, is highly acknowledged for his leading practice in the Puerto Rican IP sphere. Particularly known for his skill in patent prosecution, advisory work, and trademarks, Torres Oyola has been labeled by a client as a top-notch lawyer with vast knowledge of IP law.

Dora Peñagarícano

Esteemed lawyer, Dora Peñagarícano, a partner at McConnell Valdés LLC, showcases her extensive experience in IP law by advising clients on trademark litigation and prosecution, as well as copyright mandates.

Yolanda Alvarez

Yolanda Alvarez of Alvarez Legal is a very knowledgeable IP lawyer, particularly in the areas of copyright law and licensing matters. Alvarez is well equipped to assist clients with issues in the trademark, copyright, and trade secrets spheres.

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Carla Ferrari

As a solo practitioner, Carla Ferrari is frequently sought for her comprehensive knowledge of IP matters. She is known for her wide-ranging practice, offering advice on all aspects of IP and assisting with contentious sector-related issues.

Roberto Sueiro Del Valle

Roberto Sueiro Del Valle, from Roberto Sueiro Law, is known for advising clients from the entertainment industry about copyright mandates. Sueiro Del Valle is also adept at handling IP litigation proceedings, making him a trusted name in the field. Check his services here.

Each of these professionals demonstrates outstanding dedication and expertise in their field. They are zealously pushing the boundaries and expanding the world of Intellectual Property law in Puerto Rico. These are only some of the numerous talented IP lawyers in Puerto Rico but are certainly among the brightest and most promising. They are not only safeguarding creativity and innovation within the country but also enhancing Puerto Rico’s position in the global arena of intellectual property law.

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