Top 10 Influential General Business Lawyers Redefining North Brazil’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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The business law landscape in North Brazil has a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers providing expertise in various aspects of business law. These professionals provide essential counsel and representation in areas such as corporate and contractual law, tax and real estate issues, and civil law matters. Their vast knowledge and skilled practice provide businesses with a solid legal standpoint for their operations. This article highlights a selection of these professionals, offering insight into their specializations and careers.

The individuals presented in this piece represent some of the region’s finest legal practitioners, skilled at navigating the nuances of Brazilian business law. Whether handling complex legal disputes or providing strategic advice on corporate governance, these professionals offer invaluable support to their clients. Their contribution to the wider industry is significant as they shape the legal landscape in North Brazil.

Each of these lawyers brings their own unique experiences and expertise to the fore, contributing to the diversity and dynamism of the business law industry in North Brazil. In an era where comprehensive and competent legal expertise is a necessity for businesses, these individuals stand out for their dedication to law and commitment to their clients.

Lucca Darwich Mendes

Representing Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria, Lucca Darwich Mendes is well-versed in corporate and contractual mandates, as well as tax and real estate issues. His diligence and competency have earned him positive reviews from his clients who commend his legal expertise and approach to his work. With Mendes at the helm, the firm is able to offer comprehensive advice on a multitude of legal issues.

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Gladson Pereira Américo Filho

Also a member of Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria, Gladson Pereira Américo Filho is commended for his ability to handle complex corporate and civil law matters. Recognized by his clients as “an important professional,” Américo Filho’s expertise and experience make him a valuable asset in any legal situation.

Átila de Oliveira Denys

A practitioner at DD&L Advogados Associados, Átila de Oliveira Denys can effectively handle a range of matters, including tax, regulatory, and corporate mandates. Clients have praised his work ethic and commitment to achieving positive results, noting his diligence, leadership, and high level of professional integrity.

Germano Costa Andrade

Germano Costa Andrade, based at Andrade GC Advogados, boasts significant experience in a broad range of matters that extend to tax and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) mandates. With a deep understanding of complex issues, his extensive experience and qualified ability make him an integral part of the business law scene in North Brazil.

Gustavo Freire da Fonseca

Another prominent legal figure is Gustavo Freire da Fonseca of Fonseca Brasil Advogados. Known for his ability to skillfully handle corporate law litigation, Fonseca’s innovative approach and sound judgement have been credited by his clients for his proficiency.

Carolina Ribeiro Botelho

Carolina Ribeiro Botelho is another representative from Andrade GC Advogados. With an in-depth understanding of corporate civil litigation and tax-related matters, her legal skills have been lauded by her clients making her a reliable lawyer in the industry.

Chedid Abdulmassih

As the name partner of Abdulmassih Advogados, Chedid Abdulmassih specializes in civil law matters, consumer law, and collective rights mandates. Market commentators respect and endorse Abdulmassih, reflecting positively on his significant contribution to the legal field in North Brazil.

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Jorge Alex Nunes Athias

Part of the team at Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Bentes, Lobato & Scaff – Advogados, Jorge Alex Nunes Athias is often engaged by mining companies for his expertise on environmental mandates. His significant experience and admirable practice have garnered the respect of his peers and clients alike.

Adriana Rother

An associate at DD&L Advogados Associados, Adriana Rother brings her expertise in tax and labour law to the table. Known for her deep knowledge of issues related to the Manaus Free Trade Zone, her technical command and commitment to her clients make her stand out in her field.

Cláudia Lopes Bernardino

Cláudia Lopes Bernardino, serving as the managing partner of DD&L Advogados Associados, has extensive experience dealing with tax mandates, especially those related to the Manaus Free Trade Zone. Bernardino has earned a reputation for her loyalty to her clients and her dedication to staying up-to-date with developments in her field.

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