Top 10 Influential Finnish Lawyers Shaping 2023 Energy & Natural Resources

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The realm of Energy and Natural Resources is a complex and intricate sphere replete with regulatory intricacies, environmental obligations, and scales of investments. Navigating this challenging terrain necessitates the assistance of an experienced legal counsel, who can provide guidance on a variety of matters from licensing to transactions, to planning for renewable energy projects. Finland, being rich in resources, has a host of well-versed lawyers in this area. In this article, we will explore some of the exceptional lawyers in the field, who have carved a niche in energy and natural resources in Finland.

These lawyers have accumulated valuable knowledge and gained notable recognition due to their work with Finnish state entities, private clients, and an array of renewable energy and natural resources industries. Their expertise extends to areas such as energy storage facilities, oil refineries, wind farms, and even mining. The lawyers discussed in this article assist clients with regulatory, transactional, and development issues all with the aim of promoting renewable energy ventures in Finland.

This cadre of lawyers not only have a deep-rooted understanding of the subject matter, but also have championed numerous transactions and negotiations in both conventional and renewable energy spheres. Let’s delve into their profiles and take a closer look at their individual contributions to the Energy & Natural Resources field in Finland.

Maria Landtman

Maria Landtman works at Hannes Snellman, and she is a rising talent who provides advice to Finnish state entities and private clients on a broad variety of renewable energy and natural resources projects. She set foot into the legal world recently and has already left a significant mark on the industry.

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Kari Marttinen

Kari Marttinen, a member of HPP Attorneys Ltd, offers expert counsel on permitting and project development across a multitude of areas, including energy storage facilities, oil refineries, and wind farms.

Tarja Pirinen

Teammate Tarja Pirinen at HPP Attorneys Ltd is esteemed for her extensive expertise in the mining sector. She aids clients in matters related to permitting and exploration.

Rabbe Sittnikow

At Hannes Snellman, Rabbe Sittnikow is widely respected in energy projects. He frequently provides advice on transactions and investments, on both conventional and renewable energy platforms.

Aimo Halonen

Based at Lieke Attorneys Ltd, Aimo Halonen is well-versed in energy and infrastructure projects, public procurement, and contractual matters.

Christian Fogelholm

Christian Fogelholm from Borenius assists clients with the licensing of natural resources projects, as well as providing advice on planning and M&A transactions in relation to renewable energy ventures.

Casper Herler

Casper Herler, another Borenius lawyer, is known for his expertise in the mining sector. He counsels clients on M&A, regulatory, and development issues.

Ville Hailikari

Ville Hailikari, working at Krogerus, boasts an excellent reputation in the market. He frequently advises investors in the wind sector based on his extensive experience.

Sami Laine

Teammate Sami Laine at Krogerus offers advice on large-scale energy projects and transactional work, with further expertise in associated regulatory matters.

Miika Pinomaa

Miika Pinomaa at Castrén & Snellman has extensive experience in construction projects, more specifically with wind power projects. His work includes providing advice on permitting issues.

In conclusion, as Finland ambitiously strives to achieve its renewable energy targets today, and in the future, the role that these tenacious and experienced lawyers play cannot be underestimated. Their expertise and counsel is critical in unlocking the potential of the Energy and Natural Resources industry in Finland.

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