Small Business Doomsday: 1.4 Million SMEs on the Brink as Quadruple Threat Imperils Survival

New Report Reveals the Alarming Challenges That Could Decimate Small Businesses in 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • Small businesses face a ‘quadruple threat’ comprising rising interest rates, surging energy costs, delayed payments, and sustainability expenses.
  • A staggering 26% of SME owners believe they may have to cease trading if economic conditions don’t improve by the end of 2023.
  • The UK economy could lose 1.4 million small businesses, severely impacting communities and the economy if these challenges persist.

The Gathering Storm: Small Businesses in Peril

In September 2023, small businesses across the United Kingdom are grappling with an unprecedented ‘quadruple threat’ that could spell disaster for the nation’s economic landscape. Rising interest rates, skyrocketing energy prices, delayed customer payments, and the mounting cost of meeting sustainability expectations have converged to create a perfect storm that threatens the very existence of SMEs.

A recent SME Insights Report published by small business insurance provider Simply Business paints a grim picture, revealing that over a quarter (26%) of small business owners fear that their ventures may have to cease trading if economic conditions do not improve by the close of 2023. This alarming statistic casts a dark shadow over the future of small businesses, potentially resulting in the closure of 1.4 million SMEs in the UK alone, a development that would have devastating consequences for local communities, high streets, and the broader economy.

The Quadruple Threat Unveiled

The ‘quadruple threat’ facing small businesses is multifaceted and encompasses the following challenges:

  1. Rising Interest Rates: A significant portion of SME owners (63%) reveals that escalating taxes, interest rates, and inflation are eroding profit margins, leaving businesses struggling to maintain financial stability.
  2. Delayed Customer Payments: Late payments have emerged as a growing concern, with British small businesses collectively owed an astonishing £32.1 billion in overdue payments from customers. This staggering figure underscores the dire cash flow situation many SMEs are grappling with.
  3. Energy Price Surge: The cost of energy has surged, with over a quarter (26%) of SMEs now spending up to 40% more on energy each month compared to the previous year. Some businesses report an astounding 150% increase in monthly energy expenses, adding further strain to their budgets.
  4. Sustainability Costs: While sustainability is at the forefront of the business strategy for the majority (78%) of UK small business owners, the financial burden associated with implementing “green” working methods is impeding progress. Meeting sustainability expectations comes with a price tag that many SMEs find challenging to bear.
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The Resilience of Small Business Owners

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, acknowledges the resilience of small business owners as the backbone of the UK economy. He expresses deep concern over the significant challenges facing SMEs and their potential consequences for both the British economy and local communities. Reduced cash flow and liquidity are expected to exacerbate the difficulties faced by these businesses during this period of financial uncertainty.

Thomas emphasizes that small businesses play a vital role in communities and the economy, emphasizing the need for continued support during these challenging times.

The Long Road Ahead

Small business owners are enduring a taxing journey to keep their ventures afloat. A staggering 23% of SME owners have had to dip into their personal savings to sustain their businesses, while almost a third (29%) have resorted to bank loans as a lifeline. The financial struggles are clear, and the road ahead remains uncertain.

Questions linger about the long-term impact of surging energy costs and the sustainability imperative, with SMEs striving to find a balance between environmental responsibility and financial viability.

As the ‘quadruple threat’ looms large, it is essential for businesses and communities alike to rally behind small enterprises, recognizing their vital role in the tapestry of the UK economy.

About Simply Business

Simply Business stands as one of the UK’s largest business insurance providers, specializing in public liability insurance for SMEs. With over 900,000 small business and landlord clients across the UK, Simply Business has been a trusted source of coverage since its launch in 2005. The company operates as an online brokerage service, tailoring policies to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. Using technology and data to enhance customer experiences, Simply Business employs over 1,000 professionals across offices in London, Northampton, Boston, Massachusetts, and Atlanta, Georgia. With a commitment to social impact, Simply Business is an accredited B Corp and has been recognized as the Sunday Times Best Company To Work For, winning the accolade twice in a row.

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