Revolutionizing E-commerce: The Launch of World’s First Fully Accessible Online Retail Site

Bridging the Gap in Online Shopping for the Disability Community

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pioneering Accessibility: UK’s prominent disability influencer Mike Adams OBE unveils, a fully accessible retail site.
  • Unlocking a £17bn Market: The platform aims to tap into the vast potential of the disabled consumer market, long overlooked by traditional retailers.
  • Global Vision: With strict AAA standards compliance, aspires to become the go-to site for accessible e-commerce worldwide.

A Landmark Development in Online Retail

In an unprecedented move, Mike Adams OBE, a leading disability influencer in the UK, has launched, the world’s first genuinely accessible online marketplace. This groundbreaking initiative aims to address the long-standing issue of inaccessibility in online shopping for the disabled community.

Championing Inclusivity in E-commerce

Bridging the Accessibility Divide emerges as a response to the barriers faced by the 14.6 million people with disabilities in the UK in online purchasing. The platform is designed to simplify transactions for those who often encounter obstacles on e-commerce sites.

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The Business Case for Accessibility

A Lucrative Untapped Market

Realizing the Potential of the Disabled Consumer Base

Adams highlights a significant, untapped opportunity, estimating the disabled market in the UK alone to be worth £17bn annually. He questions the retail industry’s delay in addressing this substantial market segment, suggesting a potential shift in the industry’s approach to inclusivity.

The Vision Behind

An Inclusive Future in E-commerce

Adams, also the CEO of Purple Tuesday, an organization focused on changing the disability conversation, conceived the idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the shift to online retail, he recognized the growing need for an accessible shopping platform.

Meticulous Development for Ultimate Accessibility

Adhering to the Highest Standards

Setting a Global Benchmark in Web Accessibility has been meticulously developed to meet the AAA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), ensuring the highest level of conformance. The long-term goal is to establish the platform as the global standard for accessible e-commerce.

The Platform’s Growing Support and Leadership

Backed by Industry Specialists

Introducing Kevin Cooper as Managing Director

Kevin Cooper, an experienced digital retail specialist, has been appointed as the managing director of Cooper emphasizes the site’s role in creating an inclusive society and unlocking a massive commercial opportunity for retailers.

Support from Influential Figures

Endorsements from Key Industry Players

The site has garnered support from various influential bodies and individuals, including disability inclusion specialist Shani Dhanda. Dhanda underscores the long-overdue need for accessible online shopping and the ease that brings to the table.

Partnering for a Greater Cause

Charitable Collaborations

Contributing to the Community is collaborating with charities, pledging to donate 10% of its revenue, reinforcing its commitment to the broader disability community and setting an example for corporate social responsibility.

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In conclusion, represents a paradigm shift in online retail, opening doors to a market that has been largely ignored. Its success could pave the way for more inclusive and accessible digital spaces worldwide.

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