Revolutionizing Digital Agreements: The Game-Changing Technology Simplifying Secure Online Transactions

DocuSign's Latest Innovation, Identity Wallet for QES, Merges Advanced Security with User Convenience in Digital Signatures

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Key Takeaways:

  1. DocuSign launches Identity Wallet for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), enhancing the digital agreement process.
  2. The Identity Wallet enables users to securely store personal information, streamlining repeated signing processes.
  3. The solution aligns with EU & UK eIDAS regulation, offering a blend of security, compliance, and user-friendly experiences.


In an era where digital transactions are becoming the norm, DocuSign’s introduction of the Identity Wallet for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) marks a significant advancement. This innovative solution, which aligns with the EU & UK eIDAS regulation, offers a seamless and secure digital signing process, catering to the needs of repeat signers.

The Concept of Digital Wallets in Digital Signatures

Building on Digital Wallet Technology DocuSign’s Identity Wallet for QES is a leap forward in the evolution of digital wallets. It allows users to securely store essential identity-related data – including names, birth dates, and key identity documents – for easy reuse in future agreements.

Leveraging Global Standards for Secure Authentication Utilizing the global FIDO Authentication standards, the Identity Wallet ensures that users can easily reapply their stored information to future QES agreements. This is achieved through built-in biometric or PIN capabilities on their devices, offering a secure yet convenient signing experience.

Balancing Security with User Experience

A Seamless Evolution of ID Verification DocuSign’s Identity Wallet is an evolution of its popular ID Verification for EU Qualified solution. Once users complete the initial QES-required identity verification, they can create an Identity Wallet. For subsequent QES agreements, they can quickly authenticate themselves using their device’s capabilities, such as FaceID or fingerprint unlock.

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Enhanced User Experience Without Compromising Security Maxime Hambersin, Senior Director of Product Management International at DocuSign, emphasizes the solution’s relevance: “More and more important transactions are now being carried out digitally, and users expect these processes to be secure, simple, and fast. We meet this need by combining our innovative verification process with the advantages of a digital wallet.”

Key Features of DocuSign’s Identity Wallet for QES

Streamlining Identity Verification The Identity Wallet simplifies the verification process for repeated use, maintaining the highest security standards for companies.

Control Over Personal Data Users have the control to export, delete, and monitor the expiration of their wallet through DocuSign’s online management portal. The wallet’s three-year validity offers long-term usage and convenience.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards Each signature comes with a digital certificate, ensuring compliance with QES requirements. The verification status is recorded in the eSignature Certificate of Completion for audit purposes.

DocuSign: A Pioneer in Digital Agreement Solutions

DocuSign has established itself as a leader in automating systems of agreement. Its eSignature solution, renowned worldwide, allows electronic signing on almost any device, anywhere, anytime. With over a million customers and a billion users across 180 countries, DocuSign continues to simplify and accelerate business processes while enhancing user convenience.


The introduction of DocuSign’s Identity Wallet for QES is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, security, and user experience. As digital transactions become increasingly prevalent, such solutions are pivotal in ensuring that processes are not only secure and compliant but also user-friendly and efficient.

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