Revolutionary Breakthrough: Device Monitors Blood Potassium Levels Remotely, Changing the Game for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

CardioRenal's TENOR Device Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, Paving the Way for Advanced Remote Monitoring in CKD

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Key Takeaways:

  • CardioRenal’s TENOR device, a connected medical device, obtains Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA.
  • The TENOR device allows patients with chronic kidney disease to monitor their blood potassium levels remotely, providing valuable insights for effective treatment.
  • This breakthrough technology addresses the need for convenient at-home health solutions and has the potential to improve patient care and outcomes.

A Game-Changing Breakthrough: CardioRenal’s TENOR Device Receives FDA Recognition

CardioRenal, a pioneer in remote treatment for severe chronic kidney disease (CKD), has achieved a significant milestone with its revolutionary TENOR device. This connected medical device has obtained the coveted Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The designation acknowledges the exceptional innovation behind TENOR, which enables remote monitoring of blood potassium levels in patients with CKD.

Empowering Patients: Remote Monitoring of Blood Potassium Levels

The TENOR device, developed by CardioRenal, represents a major leap forward in chronic illness management. By combining multiple innovative technologies, the device empowers patients with chronic conditions, including CKD, to measure their blood potassium levels conveniently at home. The process is made possible through the integration of Tasso+TM, a virtually pain-free blood collection device with FDA 510(k) Class II medical device clearance. This seamless connection allows patients to collect blood samples and share the data with their doctors remotely, enabling effective control and normalization of potassium levels.

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Recognition of Excellence: The FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation

Obtaining the Breakthrough Device Designation is a significant achievement for CardioRenal and affirms the exceptional quality and impact of the TENOR device. To qualify for this prestigious status, a device must demonstrate breakthrough technologies, offer significant advantages over existing alternatives, or fulfill unmet patient needs. With the designation, CardioRenal gains priority review and access to interactive communication with FDA experts and senior managers, facilitating the company’s path to commercialization in the United States.

A Global Need: Chronic Kidney Disease and Potassium Monitoring

Chronic kidney disease affects a staggering 843 million individuals worldwide. These patients often experience fluctuating blood potassium levels, which can lead to severe cardiac complications. In fact, up to 30% of deaths in CKD patients are attributed to associated cardiovascular events. With CardioRenal’s TENOR device offering remote monitoring of blood potassium levels, patients can proactively manage their condition and potentially reduce the risk of these life-threatening complications.

Breakthrough Devices Program: Empowering Innovation for Lifesaving Technologies

The FDA’s Breakthrough Devices Program plays a critical role in accelerating patient access to innovative medical devices that have the potential to transform diagnosis and treatment for life-threatening conditions. By expediting the development, assessment, and review processes, the program ensures that groundbreaking technologies, like the TENOR device, reach the market swiftly. CardioRenal’s inclusion in this program underscores the importance of their work in improving the lives of CKD patients and the broader impact on healthcare outcomes.

A Patient-Centric Approach: Collaboration with Tasso

CardioRenal’s partnership with Tasso, Inc., a healthcare technology company, adds another layer of innovation to the TENOR device. Tasso specializes in transforming the traditional blood collection paradigm by providing patients with a simple, convenient, and virtually painless method of blood collection. The combination of Tasso’s blood collection device, Tasso+, and the TENOR system allows for efficient and accurate blood sample analysis in line with FDA standards. This patient-centric approach aligns with the shared mission of both companies: to deliver clinical excellence and patient-centered solutions.

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Looking Ahead: Transforming CKD Management with Remote Monitoring

With the FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation and the TENOR device’s advanced capabilities, CardioRenal is poised to revolutionize chronic kidney disease management. The ability to remotely monitor blood potassium levels empowers patients, enables proactive care, and fosters better patient-doctor collaboration. As the company gears up for clinical trials later this year, the future looks promising for CardioRenal and the millions of patients who stand to benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

As CardioRenal continues to push boundaries in remote treatment and monitoring, the TENOR device marks a significant step toward improving the lives of chronic kidney disease patients worldwide. By providing timely and accurate insights, the device has the potential to transform the landscape of CKD management, emphasizing the power of innovation and technology in the pursuit of better healthcare outcomes.

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